upset coz of

she”s upset coz i was trying to teach her how to use bit torrent. itu pun merajuk! dia tanya and i jawab la. coz i told her that incubus punya vidclips bole download kat suprnova. lepas tu i told her about bittorrent and how to use it. then dia bengang tak pasal pasal. hampeh ke tak. bile nak ajar tak nak. tapi nak tengok vidclip incubus. aih bebudak zaman sekarang ni memang hampeh.\r\nanyway, bile ada free time, aku dah mula start tengok full metal alchemist and chrno crusade. both of them are good but i think full metal alchemist is the best. the plot, music, characters development are all top notch. its at episode 30 rite now and if everything goes to plan it will end at episode 52. \r\nit explains how and why edward can use alchemy without the transmutation circle and about homunculus. chrno crusade is ending near, rossette finally met her brother, joshua and satella met her sister but things didnt go well as usual.\r\ncan”t wait for more fma and chrno crusade…


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