assignments galore

1 accounting assignment due this friday\r\n2 assignments = Law and BIS due next friday\r\n1 BIS practical test today\r\nalot of stuff that i am yet to do. i like to leave work last minute uh, that”s the time when i can get my inspiration. thats what i did for my law and comm&media assignment before. kinda stupid but it works, barely.\r\nafter this semester is over and hopefully when i can get the new house in the city, im thinking of buying a new desktop pc and a bmx.\r\nnot to say that this laptop sux, but im thinking of bringing this over to the uni and write notes with it. writing notes with pen is kinda slow to me coz the lecturer flips the powerpoint slides too fast anyway. and this laptop is certainly not for gaming purpose. can”t play any games using this laptop at all. that”s a future plan but first i need to complete my assignments first. or else i”ll regret my whole life.\r\non the other hand, i most probably won”t be going back to malaysia for this 3 weeks of holiday. alot of stuff need to be done during that period.\r\noutside is hot, in this house its so cold!\r\noh yeah, i looked and edited some of my older posts. alot of the pictures are missing. stupid free hosts. its really good to read back the things you”ve done especially if you”re a forgetful person like i am. there”s this post where i said i “kena belajar cam mana nak buat ayam masak kicap” sometime ago, i still don”t know how to do that. aih i really need to do that someday.

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