Smash Hit!

Hit wo Nerae! (Smash Hit!)\r\nChannel: TV Kanagawa\r\nFirst airing: 24:05, March 8 (Mon), 2004\r\nTotal 8 episodes\r\nStory\r\nMizuki Ikuta, criminal drama freak, 25 years old, still virgin, called ”oko-chama (little girl)” by the school boys in her neighborhood for her child-like figure.\r\nOne day, she is suddenly appointed as a producer of a TV show, and her endless struggle and first experiences for her ”maiden work” begins.\r\nStaff\r\nProject planning: m. o. e. (Master of Entertainment), IMAGIN, Studio LIVE\r\nOriginal planning: Kenji Kume, Toshihisa Arakawa, Miwa Oshima, Yasuhiro Matsumura\r\nDirector: Takeo Takahashi\r\nCharacter design and art director: Miwa Oshima (Studio LIVE)\r\nMusic: Toshihiko Sahashi\r\nProducer: Akio Sakai, Toyoo Ashida, Masanobu Arakawa\r\nAnimation: IMAGIN, Studio LIVE\r\nCreation: m.o.e\r\nsource from mandarake\r\nSmash Hit 01 Smash Hit 00\r\nmore free downloads to give away, grab while the files are still up!\r\n(Triad)_Smash_Hit_01\r\n(Triad)_Smash_Hit_02\r\n(Triad)_Smash_Hit_03\r\n(Triad)_Smash_Hit_04\r\n(Triad)_Smash_Hit_05\r\n\r\n


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