Cosplay + Coffee + Naruto?

Booyaaa! What the heck am i staying up late uh? it”s already 3 morning. argh! trying to finish this accounting assignment which is due this friday! friday 10a.m 15/05/2004 to be exact.\r\nI”ve been surfing like sheit for no reason. somehow i stumbled this site. lotsa cosplay pics! damn that girl is so cute! she cosplays as yuna mostly, yeap yuna from ffx and ffx-2. she cosplays as sakura chan too! XD short hair girl! so cute! sakura chan kawaii!\r\noh yeah, besides that, damn there”re ALOT of naruto fansites out there. ALOT\r\nit”s like the 2nd generation for dragon ball or something. dont people get tired of registering to naruto forums and talk about the same thing over and over again. pfft!\r\nso there”re narutoinfo, narutobloodline, narutochaos, narutotalk, narutocentral, naruto this, naruto that…buwahahahaha..i should put up a box on naruto downloads soon for narutards.\r\nwhy coffee? im drinking coffee rite now, that”s y i can stay awake. might not sleep tonight perhaps?\r\ndownloading starsky & hutch disc1, another disc to go.\r\noh yeah, i watched GANTZ earlier, not a ”bad” story actually. it”s weird in kind a way. it makes u say W T F ? and W T F ? \r\nain”t that good? something like .hack where u”re sucked into the ”world” for no reason and this Lain kinda conversation. the animation is like PlanetES, i think\r\nd00t! alot of narutards out there! hello ADV please licensed naruto anime as fast as possible! i wanna see how narutards react 😛 why on earth did FUNimation licensed FMA so fast anyway.\r\n*tried to put more hacks on wordpress but for some reason i dont know how to -_-;;*\r\nit”s 13/05/2004, our 2nd month of i dont know what. she didn”t call me for these few days. not like i really care.\r\n

Originally Posted by bErEn_pAhAtEld\r\nwell..was jst wondering wut defines a good gf/bf…well for gf is wel…amazing..n wut makes it so is all the lil things she does..n also all the big things..i mean..she”s alwayz there by my side when i need her..alwayz supporting me…so understanding n caring…well..she really makes my life complete n trouble free…n i think that makes a realllllllllly goood gf….

\r\n\r\ni wonder if she feels how i feel right now, not that i know how she feels. hahahahahaha

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