costly mistake? hope not

1 accounting assignment part a due this friday\r\n2 assignments = Law and BIS due week 10\r\n1 accounting assignment part b due week 11\r\n1 communication & the media assignment due week 11\r\n1 BIS practical test today\r\nDidn”t get enough sleep yesterday. i think i slept around 5 morning or so coz attempted the tutorial, case study and the assignment questions for accounting.\r\nthe good thing is, the topic that i did was topic 9 and i was suppose to hand up topic 8. damn it! i have til tomorrow afternoon to hand up the tutorial answers and assignment. looks like no sleep again tonight! as usual the first hour of tutorial is for group discussion. none of my other 2 member group came. in fact, there were only 7 of us in the tutorial room. what the heck? and here”s another thing, all 7 of us wore blue coloured jeans! coincidence? haha, farny farny.\r\njust got an email from my bro, he”s uploaded all the pics that were taken last month.\r\n


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