lets eat roti canai

1 BIS assignment due on 18/05/2004\r\n1 law assignment due on 21/05/2004\r\n1 accounting assignment part b due week 11\r\n1 communication & the media assignment due week 11\r\n1 accounting assignment part a due this friday\r\n1 BIS practical test today\r\n\r\nGreat, now i”ve finished accounting part a assignment i can get abit. of rest ( rest? huh, what rest? :roll:) i still have four more assignments before the exams, erm before the holidays and after that exams.\r\nanyhow, lucky thing i finished my part a before i went to sleep. tried a few times submitting the file via online; failed. it was around 3 morning at that time. after almost 10 times retrying, at last the thing worked.\r\nnothing special happened today except that i had to wait almost 20 minutes to get my boost juice. wat the hell? i gave her my name, she wrote the name incorrectly and the guy who called pronounce it differently. that guy shouted “ALICIA!, ALICIA!” cis cis, hisyam and alicia? doh!\r\noh yeah, before that i went to central market with alif and herdiman. they went to buy meats and know what? that butcher shop sells cow and lamb tongues?! i was like..wat the hell? who the hell eat tongues?\r\nand i even bought me this instant ”roti canai”! cool, ima gonna cook that rite now.\r\nah, tomorrow”s the international sports day at Flinders Uni. Im gonna participate, expect to see some pictures later.\r\n-/edit-\r\n

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