what’s so international about it?

Woke up really early today, 8 o clock in the morning, woohoo :mrgreen: and reached the city just before 9. i thought i was late but on the way to adelaide uni, i meet alif and his friends going to adelaide uni as well. herdiman, the head man came later than us. nabil and ken were the only ones to reached there early.\r\nso all of us gathered at adelaide uni”s union hall and i saw alot of other ”international students” there too. international…hm, no locals ofcourse but malays, chinese, indians and a small number of other races. what teh? 😯 i know if i see girls wearing tudungs, for sure they are from adelaide uni, no doubt about that. there were like only 10 people from UniSA and the others were from adelaide uni. what teh? :???:\r\nwe should”ve left at 9.15 morning but, yeah u know, if you”re not locals, there”s no such thing as punctuality in mind. so all of us got into this ”bus” and d00t the bus seats were damn small. there were star stickers all above us and im really sure that bus is for kindergarteners. it was quite far, flinders uni from city. damn the uni is like huge and very the ulu. it”s like UM where it”s all inside this forest. there”s even this long bridge where you can commit suicide and its so freaking cold there. you can see the city and glenelg from there.\r\nnewayz, before the games started we had our brunch, hm, lamb sousage with bread, halal ofcourse. we played with the flinders uni people for our first match. technically we drew 0-0 with them but they won the penalty shoot out. the second match was flinders uni vs adelaide uni and i think the flinders uni won. so we had a match with them again. what teh? ❗ i wanted to play with adelaide uni :lol:, just coz they had to girls playing with them. the blonde girl played really good, the other girl was chinese and she played okay too.\r\noh well, we won eventually, 2-0. rasyid and herdiman scored. ken made good saves which was why we won at the first place.\r\nthe other games there were basket ball, volley ball, dodge ball and another game i dont know what it”s call since the only people who play that game were girls. didnt get the chance to get know of other people, 😐 haih, so boring. they should be more organize with this ”international sports day” . really cheapskate. yeah, free food.\r\n \r\nin addition to that, my knee bleeded and my butt got scratches from too much sliding tackles.

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