spending the night in uni

Spent the whole night at the uni just now. went there around 4.30 p.m reach back home around 11.30p.m. i was suppose to meet Ken and Muneira earlier but i missed the bus and had to wait for another half an hour. met Ken, Muneira and Ferren for the BIS assignment. it wasn”t really that hard as i expected, good thing they all teached me how to do or else im stuck for life. nothing much to say except after we decided to have our dinner at mcD, it was already 10.30 p.m. so we went to Australian Pizza place for our dinner and i had vegetarian pizza and garlic damper, ken ate lasagne, ferren ate hawaiian pizza.\r\ni almost missed the 2nd last bus. the schedule said it should arrive on 11.15 p.m, lucky i managed to catch the bus just in time or else i had to wait another 30 minutes. i dont wanna, coz its so damn cold!\r\ntomorrow is a public holiday, australia cup day uh? wat teh heck?\r\non side note. Bittornado 0.3.0 is out.\r\n

I am pleased to announce that BitTornado T-0.3.0 has just been released. It has many features, including UPnP port forwarding access, engine improvements, a pretty per-file priority system hiding in the Details view, a fast-resume system that will make restarting torrents a breeze (and is helpful for those of you running seed servers, since you only have to hash-check once)… Other new functionality includes an option to flush data to disk every 5 minutes, for those of you using Windows 98 who want to run BitTorrent despite having problems with crashes… A download-rate limiter (I shoehorned it into the Advanced window since the main UI is going to be redesigned) for people with bandwidth quotas and problems with downstream flooding… An option to auto-save in the default directory, and a feature that automatically resumes files you”ve started downloading without needing your input… I think there”s more, but you”ll just have to go look!


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