whats the diff between ML and CW?

1 law assignment due on 21/05/2004\r\n1 accounting assignment part b due week 11\r\n1 communication & the media assignment due week 11\r\n1 accounting assignment part a due this friday\r\n1 BIS practical test today\r\n1 BIS assignment due on 18/05/2004\r\n\r\nAnother assignment just finished. BIS excel assignment, that”s the last assigment for this course but there”ll still be a PowerPoint prac test soon, next week i think. damn it, so many stuff now just cos the semester is ending. its week 10 now, only 3 weeks of semester 1 left. there”ll also be a presentation next week for BIS. haih, good thing i”ve changed program or else i wouldn”t know all these stuff.\r\nalot of difference from last semester and this semester.\r\nlast semester:\r\nmech engineering\r\nmawson lakes\r\nbus 225\r\nhave to walk 10 minutes to go to bus stop\r\nhave to wait bus at least like 1 hour\r\nhave to walk far from a lecture hall to a lecture hall/tute room 2 tute room\r\ndont understand a shit :mad:\r\ngo to uni everyday, all class so cramp, so stress! :evil:\r\nlecturers so damn boring including tutors\r\npeople there are stucked up, not much friends\r\ndidn”t always go to class after i had fever\r\nthis semester:\r\nmanagement information system\r\ncity west\r\nbus 182\r\nhave to walk only 30 seconds to reach bus stop\r\nhave to wait bus max 15 minutes\r\nall the lectures are in the same room bh2-09 :mrgreen:\r\ngo to uni only 3 days, monday, tuesday and thursday, so relax\r\nunderstand stuff\r\nlecturers are okay, tutors are good and good ar\r\npeople there are friendly and good ar and got to know more people\r\nalways go to class\r\nno more william and kula 😆


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