Music Videos

One of the best korean/japanese music videos out there and one of the best Kuraki-Fans karaoke effects too. Catchy song. Japanese, english and korean words all inside that song

The only korean word i know is sarang he 😛 . Wanna sing along? Go to Cori”s Jpop Lyrics Homepage. All BoA lovers must get this video :mrgreen: and other videos that are linked down there too. More videos will be uploaded soon. Credits to Kuraki-Fans

[Kuraki-Fans] m-flo loves BoA -the love bug

[K-Fans] BoA – Kimochi wa Tsutawaru

[Kuraki-Fans] BoA – Milky Way

[Kuraki-Fans] BoA – Be the One

[Kuraki-Fans] T.M. Revolution – Invoke

[Kuraki-Fans]Do As Infinity – Week

[Kuraki-Fans] Utada Hikaru – Deep River

[Kuraki-Fans]Koda Kumi – Crazy 4 U

Kuraki-Fans]Koda Kumi – Cutie Honey

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