the day after yesterday and tomorrow

The Islamic society organized a makan makan at east terrace last saturday. banyak la sausage kambing and beef steaks.\r\nwhen me and nabil first arrived, terkejut jugak, mane tak nye tempat bbq asing 2 sides, the guys and the girls, oH..islamic society da..almost lupa :P\r\nnot to say there were many, but there were a fair amount of people turned up. mostly uni adelaide people. why is it that i hate all the things that they do?\r\nye la, normally typical malay yg dapat scholarship memang ar masuk uni adelaide. they conquered the bbq place, i only managed to eat 2 sausages and 1 beef steak, hampeh siut. padahal unisa students yg provide, ungrateful bastards…\r\nnewayz, after that we went to magil as usual main futsal. not many people turned up. only 3 teams from the usual 4-5 teams. lucky enuff the 3rd team was from kent town, suddenly datang.\r\nthe thing is, there”s this french girl who played in that team. memang bagus siut, pasing bagus, shooting pun bagus jugak.\r\ngirl or no girl, i tackled her like i don”t care..muahahaha\r\nscored 3 goals woohoo…is it because i wore the new headband ? ;)\r\nso later that night, me and my friends watched the day after tomorrow. overall, it”s not a movie you really want to watch. not my kind of movie. movie yang memang potong stim.\r\nedit\r\njust got a call from my dad, he”s on the way to klia to send my mom and my small bro to airport. they”re going to south korea! tour with my other famlily, total up to 21 people! wat teh? tomorrow my sis is going to london and my bro is going to jakarta! only my dad is left home, aih, what is the happening here?\r\nedit


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