new life

new layout, new month, new day, new age.\r\nfor starters, i managed to go to the law tut this morning. woke up at 8 which is abit unusual for me. nonetheless, that made my body and otak all sakit and pening.\r\nit”s been awhile since i go to the tut after the last tutor left. suprisingly, there aren”t many people went for the tut, guess it”s not only me then eh. less that 10 people turned up.\r\nthe tutor took 1 hour to explain 2 questions, what the heck.\r\nso i bought the same volume of fmp. so i returned them to the shop again. hopefully i”ll get azumanga daioh 3 and full metal panic 5 next week. alot of new manga titles in that store now. manga doesn”t come cheap T_T so i can only save now and complete this three manga titles which are kare kano, azumanga and fmp. i”ll buy other series when i”ve finished the complete set. expensive hobby uh?\r\noh yeah, and guess what, i saw naruto manga volume 3 at Borders just now.. wat the heck? where”s volume 1 and 2? man, Borders is so krappy they sell manga like “manga” hahaha.\r\nother than that, i”ve finished downloading [KAA] Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi 1-13.DVD.\r\nexam?\r\nstarts on 19th June, 22th, 24th, 26th.\r\nhell! the first paper is accountings! T_T only 18 days to go!

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