bandwidth capping is teh devil

So I”m already 20 and a day old. What hav I done today? Absolutely nothing! ate alot of roti with peanutbutter and instant noodle. aih, the weather is getting colder and colder. On top of that, stupid light bulb dah mampus. I think this is the second or the 3rd time this”d happened. when its cold, we tend to eat more, its natural eh.\r\nanyway, some people did remember my birth date. not that i care but im just suprised 😛 . Im not like “other” people who goes around to everyone and says “hey today is my b”day! today is my b”day!” or something like that, heh, very loserish.\r\nbut something weird did happen though. all of the sudden she said that what she said before was a mistake and she can”t live with out me. W T H ? weird weird. some people are just like that.\r\ncurrently surfing on Cbn”s friends on friendster. haha, looking at cbnians. some pretty people in there, woohoo. anyway, that”s not the point, just looking out for my old old old friends. found some not a cbnian anyway, haha.\r\neh? wat the heck? i just added this friend and im already accepted, how fast. huhuhu.\r\nso iHug starts their cappingshapping plan this month. it”s stupid how they do here. although im using their 512 unlimited plan, they are gonna reduce the speed to 72kbps after i use 30gb in a month. like wat the hell? my normal usage a month is 90gb damn it! and u expect me to download less for what i am paying for?! bye bye iHug, here comes dodo . like i care about their shaping, im downloading young father j-drama and vandread 1&2 season right now..haha.\r\nwhy do i always write random stuff here? dunno

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