uni bus girl

went to Kensington Park to inspect a house there.. Not bad..the ground floor is spacious but not the bedrooms on the first floor. but it”s still okay..alot of people were there too..dont know if i have the chance to stay there if i want to.\r\nhad to leave 1 hour before the law lecture ends because of this.\r\nwas late for the comm and media tutorial coz i went to eat first. didn”t know my group members were in the library finishing the group notebook.\r\nfor tutorial, we did media interviews, i was the interviewer, interviewed about a stupid state festival about homosexual, paedophilia and nude all male ballet. wat the heck? the other groups were doing some normal interviews, how come my group did this kinda interview? oh well, it went well anyway.\r\non the way back, there was this old man seating infront of me, he sat beside this indian guy. nothing weird about that. after that the old man starts talking non stop with the indian guy next to him like he knows him for how many years, the indian guy just say “ya, ya ya, ya ya” yea, i laughed abit, kinda funny i dont know why. its nothing unusual to see that happen here but i bet i wont see that happen in malaysia. yea so after that the old guy left and the indian guy waved at him and said “c ya later man” huhuhuhu. the friendliness.\r\nyou know what makes me hate her nowadays? she onlines and then starts blabber about her day with out me asking anything, all she says are like hey hey, i bought this, i bought that, im cute bla bla bla. and after that she offlines without any reason. haih, damn stupid. how can i not hate her eh.


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