exam 1 finish!

wee!!! first paper finish!!!\r\nwhat did i tell ya? i have not had my sleep since yesterday. im so proud.\r\nhow did i manage to stay awake? 2 glasses of coffee and 1 instant noodle. good formulae. (yeah including surfing + chatting + reading manga)\r\n\r\ni was almost late for my first paper! i”ve forgotten that today is saturday. hmm…exam on saturday morning, that”s whack! the buses arrive every 30 minutes. while waiting for the bus, omg dude, the weather is so memang hebat cold! i dont know what else to say but cold! my hands were shaking and freezing and numbing and bumbing and bombing.\r\nreached the exam hall just in time! 9.10 a.m to be exact, no more reading time! grr! i dont know how i”ll do for this paper. im just hoping for a pass or even a CP is enuff! please i dont want to do accounting! T_T\r\nwords are abit jumpy coz my brain is having a break.\r\nho yeah, masa nak balik, wait for the bus somemore, the cold was even colder than the cold before! memang t0000000t punya cold! the wind memang power! lucky i grabbed the bus sign punya tiang or else i”ll fly to my house straight away. had to get into the 2nd bus, the first was damn packed! like sardine! even for the 2nd bus, i had to squeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz in. lucky lucky.\r\nand i even had the time to laugh sengsorang. why? coz i terserempak with this guy from africa and he calls me mOhamEd.. XD XD

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