2 more to go, here we go, do dat

just finished Business Information System paper this morning. yeah, all the BIS students didn”t sleep the night before. all nighter! as usual, muahahahaha.\r\nman, so freaking tired. gonna take a nap after this\r\nwent to Radio Rentals with Ken just now. He really took some kind of coffee drugs. talk non stop, somemore im so freaking tired cant catch what the heck he said.\r\nso okay, i got more gmail accounts\r\n\r\nshinigami\r\ninfiral\r\nsaikano\r\nmohdhisyam\r\ninfiral.hosting\r\nxpresside\r\n\r\nusernames…just hope that gmail gives me invites in one of those accounts soon so i could send to other people. \r\nmeh, england won 4-2, wat crap is that. france won 3-1

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