more shirts bought

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!\r\nexam dah habis! exam dah habis! say it 1 more time, exam is over! now is holiday! yay yay!\r\nlucky lucky can survive yesterday, so damn tired coz not enough sleep for the whole week. almost missed the bus coz almost sleep at the bus stop wahaha.\r\nthe worst part is i slept in the bus until bus stop 24, my house is near stop 11. what the hell?\r\nhave to take another bus and turn around. really bad.\r\n\r\nanyway, yesterday i got my 10 hour sleep. yes so cun! woke up coz Ken called. we promised to go to the city and marion. yup we did!\r\nfirst go to truscott, electronic store. full of hifi, fridge, washing machine, plasma tv, flat tv and everything. the prices weren”t that bad at all. thinking of getting the entertainment stuff later.\r\nafter that went to marion shopping centre. the 2nd time me and ken go there for this year. the first time we went, the shops were all closed. now its better! all open! all sale! gila so cun! alot of stuff there! sale sale sale!\r\nbought 1 holland jersey! and 2 shirts. spent 200 dollars. damn, money keep decreasing, somemore have to buy furniture and all for the new house, haih. must spend wisely next time.\r\n\r\nbut still, on the way there, ken showed around what shop, what store to go to get a bargain for furniture and the necessary stuff. good good. gonna rent car or something or from david. tired tired.hahahahaha.\r\n\r\nstuff that need to be bought =\r\nrefridgerator\r\nmicrowave\r\nwashing machine\r\ndining table + chairs\r\nsofa @ bean bags\r\ncoffee table\r\ntelevision\r\nhome theater system ( lol )\r\nstudy table\r\ncomputer table\r\nkatil + tilam and more more more stuff = money money money\r\n\r\n-edit-\r\nken bought Let”s Learn French! I bought Let”s Learn Japanese! soon i”ll be able to speak like one.. -_- i hope..haha\r\nspend this holiday learning language…\r\non another note, gunbound server is down until tomorrow! damn it..just when i have so much time to play.\r\non another another note, aoi-hikari has new hostee.\r\ngo visit\r\n\r\n©2004


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