very random out of order

can”t say that im feeling good although i”ve finished my exam. i”ve already enrolled for my next semester.\r\nwill be having another 2 days off during the weekdays. monday and friday, which means i”ll be having a long 4 days break. hopefully i dont have to repeat more than 1 paper for next sem. \r\n\r\non the other note, friendster upgraded their stuff. loads faster and the page goes out of proportion. good thing that they”re smart enough to use php instead of what ever they used before.\r\nso i looked at my ex high school friends pages. seems like they are all having a great life, or so i thought. it”s good to be back home in your country eh. its your home, why wont u like it? some of my friends are going back, some not, hm, mostly not. i wish i could go back. if i had the chance, i will. the thing is, i”ll be shifting house next month that won”t allow me to go back and taste nasi lemak and roti canai.\r\n\r\nyou get bored eventually, eating the same thing over here. its not the same as back there where you can just eat anything you want and buy anything you desire. \r\nLive mid-market rates as of 2004.06.29 19:28:32 GMT. \r\n1.00 Australia Dollars = 2.62185 Malaysia Ringgits \r\nheh..although i know that the exchange rate is high, i still spend on unnecessary things. i know that im just a student here. just think of a student from bangladesh studying in malaysia, do they feel the same thing as i do right now? haha..\r\nwhen you think about it really carefully, its great that im studying in adelaide and not melbourne or sydney (teh big cities) , they”re not much places to go, means that there”s not much money to spend on compared to those places. melbourne = arcades.. o___0 , either way i still spend on other things.\r\n\r\nthere”s this girl that i suddenly get to know, is going to melbourne –>> sydney —>> goldcoast\r\nlucky girl. great life, great experience, although that i”ve promised to meet her tomorrow, i might not. im not the kind of guy who wakes up early in the morning. another reason why adelaide sucks is coz the shops close by 5p.m. – 8 p.m. its like, hey where do i wanna go today? ah, craps..all the shops are closed, oh well, maybe tomorrow..\r\ndamn, i can still remember when i first came here, i slept so early like before mid-night, now? i cant even sleep tho its 5 in teh morning! \r\n\r\nsome random rambling..not that any people will read, haha. \r\nshe”s also going to goldcoast, but in august with her other families a total of 25 people, heh.\r\nyou think im gonna fly all the way from adelaide to goldcoast just to meet her? dream on.\r\nso like she was keep on sending messages from msn, and i purposely sign out. lol~ who cares…im just evil.


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