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Orange Days :)

Orange Days\r\n\r\nWhen you mature, you responsibly take care of your education, job, family, friends… It is also prime time to fall in love. And even if life is unfair and cheats, you are to live it up and grab the chances.\r\n\r\nThe story of college students who are in the between, that strange time when you are no longer an unresponsible, not worried with future youngster, not yet an adult member of society with your life path clearly ahead of you. It is time to take on the world.\r\n\r\nMore at Language: japanese.\r\n

\r\n\r\nman this j dorama is so damn good. i havent watched any j dorama for ages. there are only 2 episodes out from #japan-tv. i cant wait for the next episodes. 11 episodes total.\r\nthe guy is so cool and the girls, cuteee…\r\na must watch!\r\n\r\nArsenal 4 Norwich 1\r\nin 4 games Arsenal have scored 16 goals πŸ™‚ muahahaha. average 4 goal in every matches.\r\nlemme see… man utd, how many goals have they scored? ONLY THREE, TIGA, SAN. kesian kesian.


another record breaking game

so arsenal broke the record\r\nread the article, its g00d :)\r\ni like this one.\r\n

And just for the record hereÒ€ℒs what our 43-match sequence looks like: w w w w w w d d w w w d w w w d d w d w w d w w w w w w w w w d w d w d d d w w w w w

\r\n\r\nbut noone seems to give a damn about it, why? coz it”s not man utd who”s breaking records. hahaha.\r\n\r\ndamn they beat blackburn 3-0. as usual henry will score in almost every game that arsenal won. another two were fabregas and reyes. who”s fabregas? he”s a 17 y”o guy midfielder replacing patrick viera!!! wtf man…he”s so damn good! from what i”ve read and heard ofcoz. I”ve not seen any of the arsenal matches\r\nsux man, the tv stations here arent showing any of EPL matches! damn!\r\nman i wish there”re videos of arsenal goals out there~~\r\nArsenal Champs League group\r\nPanathinaikos\r\nPSV Eindhoven\r\nRosenborg\r\n\r\nHm..arsenal didnt have a good record against Panathinaikos..they beat PSV last time..rosenborg? dunno.\r\n\r\nnewayz, today i played 3 hours of futsal, yesterday actually since its 1.20 a.m. sunday already.\r\ndamn my legs are tired. 3 hours and its kinda heaty. not bad, scored 3 and miss alot of chances. havent scored that much in a while πŸ˜› , but i missed like around 10 chances. so that is still bad. nothing else happened there, just that when i became the goal keeper, the goals came in like water πŸ˜› couldnt save the ball at all. hahaha. now my legs are starting to cram (sp?)\r\n\r\nso newayz, Arsenal vs Norwich..but Bentley couldnt play for Norwich tonight coz of the EPL ruling thinggy..arsenal cant lose uh? who knows

nissan pulsar test drive

test drive nissan pulsar hatch. it was manual. damn.\r\nit”s been 2 years since i last drive a manual car. y the heck did that guy bring a manual car. i want autooooooooo.\r\nok ok, so the car dealer take me and din for a cruise for awhile. after that we switched. my turn to drive the manual car. first start engine, tekan clutch, masuk gear 1, hand-break down, release clutch, press accelerator.\r\n…….damn\r\n\r\nengine mati…cis!!!\r\n2nd try…\r\n\r\ngood good,, pressed the accelerator hard, we go\r\nk k, change to 2nd gear ok,,,changed to 3 gear…, why didnt the gear masuk?\r\narghh!! pushed it upwards really hard..there, all good\r\ndidn”t feel comfortable driving a manual :P\r\nk, went to their showroom, changed to a nissan pulsar sedan auto..\r\nfeels better,, powerful 1.8 engine, smooth ride and everything..the car dealer seems really nice and friendly. well they have to be if they want to sell anything at all.\r\n\r\nso i called my dad about the car and the price. “tak kisah la, pilih mana yang hisyam suka, rasa okay”\r\nanything pun kena balik kl and show my dad the brochures and discuss about them all..\r\noh yeah, good thing about nissan pulsar,\r\nabs, airbags, air-conditioning, cd player, cruise control all come in standard :)\r\ncool uh

new songs to listen to and movie to watch

alot of good songs to listen to. Just downloaded Ashlee Simpsons, Sugababes, Cradle of Filth albums :)\r\nnot bad, not bad, especially Ashlee Simpsons. didn”t know that she”s Jessica Simpsons”s sister :P\r\nThey look different but Ashlee Simpsons”s voice/songs are much better than Jessica. \r\nJessica body cun, songs sux. Ashlee body not so cun, songs good.\r\n\r\nYesterday watched The Punisher movie. not that good, not that bad. so so. nothing special. the script sucks like hell. if dont have anything to watch, better watch suicide club. should be better than the punisher :P\r\n\r\ndidnt manage to watch suicide club until the end because too scared. hahaha. the first time i watch, at mid-night, doors closed, lights off, terkejut gile. not that any scary stuff keluar or anything, just the sound effect of the lights shut down suddenly in the movie. guess my speakers too good. hahahaha\r\n\r\nanother good thing happened yesterday :)\r\nArsenal won against M”boro 5 – 3 =D\r\nPires, Henry 2x, Bergkamp, Reyes \r\ngreat come back from 1-3 down w00tz. equalling nottingham forest for unbeaten run. another win against blackburn next week means Arsenal will be in the history book. \r\nhaha at man utd and chelsea and liverpool. all sux :P\r\n\r\n

Greatest runs in English football\r\nArsenal equalled Nottingham Forest”s record 42-game unbeaten league run by beating Middlesbrough 5-3 in their Barclays Premiership clash at Highbury.\r\n\r\nThe Gunners won their last two matches of the 2002-03 season before going through the last campaign unbeaten on the way to the title. They carried their form into the new season by thrashing Everton last Sunday.\r\n\r\nForest”s mark is now the only significant record left for Arsenal to pass. Here, the Press Association takes a look at the great top-flight runs they have already equalled or bettered.

\r\ni did not watch the game -_-

personal stuff and all

got this from friendster.\r\ncrap questions with crap answers. reminds me of the good food in m”sia though\r\n\r\n[Spell your first name backward]:\r\nmaysih damahom\r\n\r\n[The story behind your email add]:\r\nbleach manga. angel of death = shinigami\r\n\r\n[Where do you live]\r\nbukit alhambra, pinggir ttdi.\r\nbishops place\r\n\r\n[Wallet]:\r\n3 year old red colour quiksilver\r\n\r\n[Hair]:\r\ncenter parting, straight\r\n\r\n[Jewelry you wear daily]:\r\nim not gay\r\n\r\n[Pillow cover]:\r\nbrown, light brown, white, black stripes\r\n\r\n[Shoes] :\r\nasics onitsuka tiger, kswiss, nike\r\n\r\n[What you are wearing now]:\r\nnike red shirt\r\n\r\n[In my head]:\r\nshould i go to the city today?\r\n\r\n[Some of your favorite movies]:\r\nresident evil, bad boys 2, can”t remember anything else. i dont watch the same thing twice\r\n\r\n[Something you”re looking forward ??]\r\ngo back home, bring back car brochures. buy car\r\n\r\n[The last thing you ate?]\r\nspicy mee goreng made by nabil\r\n\r\n[Something that you are deathly afraid of?]:\r\n……..\r\n\r\n[Do you like candles]:\r\nhm,, not really, depends.\r\n\r\n[Do you believe in a thing called love]:\r\nya ya ya\r\n\r\n[Do you believe in soul mates]:\r\nwtf? dont give me this ridiculous question\r\n\r\n[Do you believe in love at first sight]:\r\ni wish that happen\r\n\r\n[If you could have any animal for a pet]:\r\ndunno\r\n\r\n[What are some of your favorite foods?]\r\nayam masak lemak, ketam, seafood, seafood, ayam masak kicap, tomyam, nasi lemak, roti canai, ketam masak lemak, ketam rebus, spicy ketam, spicy udang, telur bungkus\r\n\r\n[Anyone you miss that you haven”t seen in a\r\nlong time?]:\r\nmy parents and family\r\n\r\nLAST TIMES\r\n[Gotten sick:]\r\nmonths ago\r\n\r\n[Felt stupid:]\r\nfew days ago\r\n\r\n[Hugged someone]\r\ndunno\r\n\r\n[Talked to someone you have a crush on]:\r\ndunno\r\n\r\n[Fought with your parents:]\r\nthe more i grow up, the more i feel stupid thinking of quarreling with my parents. after all, without them, im nothing. i wont be here\r\n\r\n[Dreamed about someone you can”t be with:]\r\ndunno, dreams don”t last forever.\r\n\r\n[Do you like being around people:]\r\nnot really. sometimes i feel better staying alone\r\n\r\nwho do you known the longest:]\r\nparents, family\r\n\r\n[who do you argue the most with:]\r\nmy sister?\r\n\r\n[Who do you always get along with:]\r\ndunno

t1 – finally

woke up this morning and got a call from escapeNet telling me that my broadband is ready! woohoo. so after that, i plugged in the modem and it”s connected! 1.5 mbps baybeh! \r\nbut need to buy a new modem. the one adsl modem i have is usb, which means the other 2 people in the house cant use it, probably.\r\n\r\ni somehow managed to pray friday prayers just in time. i thought i was really late. but dah nekad nak sembahyang tu, pergi jugak, take chance. thank god, as soon as i sampai the mosque, it”s time to pray….woohoo.\r\nafter that pegi makan kat knoodle, jumpa alif, sidek, herdiman, later at knoodle jugak jumpa david and eugene. tak habis lagi, tetiba merlina and rashid pulak sampai.\r\npas tu pulak sikyi and kenneth. haih, all coming to the same place to have lunch.\r\nsuddenly sikyi and kenneth suggested me to get a new modem. then i say okay la, just buy.\r\nkenneth bought the billion modem+router. at first nak configure so complicated and had conflicts with the ips.\r\ni think now should be okay since i changed the dns server after calling escapeNet.\r\ntomorrow? main bolaaaaaa\r\n\r\nedit\r\njust now download 1 album from bt, reach until 114kB/s damn power!! hahaha\r\ndownload so much already in 1 day. really fully utilise. after upgrading the firmware for the router, everything is okay. good good. no more disconnecting problem for now. hopefully there wont be any in the future.

getting a car

what”s new back home?\r\nmy dad just bought a new mercedes kompressor e200 i think. i dont know why he bought that car since there are other cars in the house still.\r\nheard from my bro that my family is going to penang this saturday.\r\nmy sis is going to have a baby this october if everything goes well.\r\n\r\nand i might just go back home this september. didnt want to go back at first so that i can save that flight ticket and use it for the end of the year. besides, friends have plans going to melbourne and sydney although i might not go there too if my mom is coming over.\r\nbut now, the probability of going back to malaysia is higher because of some reason.\r\n\r\nso like days ago my dad called and passed over to my sis. told her bout the car and stuff and then my dad says ”kalau nak dapat kereta, balik dulu” and bring the brochures to him πŸ™‚ at first i wanted to just get a second hand car but my dad insists me to get a new one. cool cool. tak tau pulak my dad bagi beli kereta kat sini. the cars here are cheaper compared to malaysia.\r\n\r\ni”ve done abit of survey on the net on peugeot, toyota, suzuki, ford, honda, hyundai, what golf\r\nim looking for small cars like peugeot 206 or focus those kinda cars. nehow, if i can get honda jazz, peugeot 206 or ford focus, i”ll be really really really happy.\r\nall these small cars are priced between 15 to 25 thousand.\r\nanyhow, it”s still a long way to go. september baru balik. so anything, study dulu.\r\nmarketing, visual basic, stats, work n org, haih..need to read damn alot man