a month gone

so its been almost 1 month. dont know where to start coz alot of stuff happened.\r\nyes, from prospect to kensington. from 2 bedrooms to 3 bedrooms.\r\nso far i am really satisfied with the new house. the only thing is its unfurnished so the initial cost is really high.\r\ni cant complain coz i get the master bedroom with ensuite bathroom.\r\nrented 4 different cars from 2 different company in the past 3-4 weeks.\r\n\r\nalmost everyday on the week we bangun so early like around 10 morning and get out to buy stuff and hang out.\r\nit”s winter so places that we can go and enjoy is limited.\r\nwe still went to wild life park and victor habour. we even got the chance to see penguins! small penguins :P\r\nspent alot of money\r\nbeli tv, speakers, dvd player, matress, study + computer table + washing mashine + refridgerator, etc.\r\nhm..taken alot of pictures..\r\n\r\nwhat else? nowadays din”s friends from malaysia who are studying in uni adelaide hang out with us. what to do? the girls that we hang out with are all older than us? hahaha\r\nwhat to do what to do


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