hari yang sungguh basah

i cant see the sun these few days. damn. it is wet all the time. semester 2 is gonna be a challenge for all the students. it”s dark, it”s cold, it”s wet. no snow. it is dark even when it is only 4 p.m. i miss the sun.\r\n\r\nwork and organization. a course that needs so much reading. the words they use in the text are confusing sometimes. the tute just now was okay. didn”t make any friends yet. majority are locals and females. we were grouped into 3. hm, guess what group i was. a group where everyone was female except me. great? err..not really.\r\nthe work and org lecture went pretty okay. didnt sleep much like i did on the first lecture. the lecturer was a gay, or so i thought. interesting.\r\nmarketing: trading and exchange. i am grouped with a sudanese, hongki and a japanese (girl) erm, *chance!* nah, weird weird, the japanese girl speaks in chinese, i dont know if its mandarin or cantonese alot and her boyfriend is this local guy. meh…what the heck..\r\nthe sudanese guy didnt turn up to our group meeting yesterday. hopefully he”ll come tomorrow coz we have a presentation on thursday.\r\ndang those girl are so like blur blur. seems like im the one who do alot of talking in the group which is unusual.\r\n\r\non another note, nowadays i play call of duty alot. the graphics are awesome on my power pc. hahaha. its really enjoyable blasting the nazis bodies…\r\ndoom3 is out. dont know if it”ll play well on my power pc. :Þ


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