d0Om3d !

damn…..headache…\r\nheadache..my head sakit tak pasal pasal…\r\nwhy? coz i just finished perang with the monster…hahaha\r\nwhat? what? monster? \r\nim toking about DOOM 3! gahahaha..I just got my hands on Doom 3 yesterday afternoon. Installed it as soon as I got it and played it as soon as it installed. Graphics are awesome… *drools* even with my ati radeon 9600xt, graphics still cun! and the sound? wahaha, ofcoz it is good because of the power speakers..\r\ndamn the game is so dark, you gotta play it at night and close the door, window curtains, and light to really enjoy the game. and dont forget to disable every background programs and turn the speaker load.\r\ni don”t usually play computer games as much before coz the pc that i had not as powerful as what i am using now.so end up, play ps2. now my pc is power enuff, no need for ps2 anymore, eventhough the guy next door got ps2 but hardly use their ps2 also.\r\nneways, the graphics..ya ya, the models are so realistic, with their face expressions and body movements, good good, really. the things that are in the rooms looks so gorgeous.\r\nheadache + eyestrain coz really dark. always have to use flashlight to navigate around the room. lucky no need to put any batteries inside the flashlight, if not really cacat la.\r\ngood thing i”ve finished playing call of duty a couple of weeks ago, now i can play doom3. after finish playing doom3, hopefully can play half life 2 after that. \r\ndidn”t play half life 1 coz the graphics too sux.


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