can u stop blogging?

oh crap, i just checked my bank balance just now. for the first time in history since i came here, my balance was never below 1k. and now, it is happening! shit, all this house and travelling and pc spending. duit for rent, baru diorang deduct.\r\nnow kena collect duit from nabil and din. shit la, everything aku yang kena settle. bill aku bayar, rent under bank aku, internet aku, hampeh aku. muahahahaha. sabar sabar.\r\n\r\nhave you guys browsed thru other people”s blog and read about that they want to stop blogging? okay they did stop for awhile but after that they continue to blog like normal. this happens to girls usually.\r\nhahaha, reminds me of smokers. its the same thing. they say they wanna stop smoking, but after a few weeks, they continue doing the thing they did. if you can”t keep your word, better not say or do any promises. memang hypocrite punya orang. i laugh at people who are like that. sape terase tu pandai pandai la. sape makan cili, dia la yang rasa pedas? peribahasa yang sangap.\r\n\r\nanother thing is….my internet still cant use!!!! why?! why?! have to rely on sik yi”s line and curi for now. haih, stupid norwood exhange area. adsl ports all full. cant do anything but wait for telstra. this is like complaining telekom malaysia service back home šŸ˜›


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