getting a car

what”s new back home?\r\nmy dad just bought a new mercedes kompressor e200 i think. i dont know why he bought that car since there are other cars in the house still.\r\nheard from my bro that my family is going to penang this saturday.\r\nmy sis is going to have a baby this october if everything goes well.\r\n\r\nand i might just go back home this september. didnt want to go back at first so that i can save that flight ticket and use it for the end of the year. besides, friends have plans going to melbourne and sydney although i might not go there too if my mom is coming over.\r\nbut now, the probability of going back to malaysia is higher because of some reason.\r\n\r\nso like days ago my dad called and passed over to my sis. told her bout the car and stuff and then my dad says ”kalau nak dapat kereta, balik dulu” and bring the brochures to him đŸ™‚ at first i wanted to just get a second hand car but my dad insists me to get a new one. cool cool. tak tau pulak my dad bagi beli kereta kat sini. the cars here are cheaper compared to malaysia.\r\n\r\ni”ve done abit of survey on the net on peugeot, toyota, suzuki, ford, honda, hyundai, what golf\r\nim looking for small cars like peugeot 206 or focus those kinda cars. nehow, if i can get honda jazz, peugeot 206 or ford focus, i”ll be really really really happy.\r\nall these small cars are priced between 15 to 25 thousand.\r\nanyhow, it”s still a long way to go. september baru balik. so anything, study dulu.\r\nmarketing, visual basic, stats, work n org, haih..need to read damn alot man

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