t1 – finally

woke up this morning and got a call from escapeNet telling me that my broadband is ready! woohoo. so after that, i plugged in the modem and it”s connected! 1.5 mbps baybeh! \r\nbut need to buy a new modem. the one adsl modem i have is usb, which means the other 2 people in the house cant use it, probably.\r\n\r\ni somehow managed to pray friday prayers just in time. i thought i was really late. but dah nekad nak sembahyang tu, pergi jugak, take chance. thank god, as soon as i sampai the mosque, it”s time to pray….woohoo.\r\nafter that pegi makan kat knoodle, jumpa alif, sidek, herdiman, later at knoodle jugak jumpa david and eugene. tak habis lagi, tetiba merlina and rashid pulak sampai.\r\npas tu pulak sikyi and kenneth. haih, all coming to the same place to have lunch.\r\nsuddenly sikyi and kenneth suggested me to get a new modem. then i say okay la, just buy.\r\nkenneth bought the billion modem+router. at first nak configure so complicated and had conflicts with the ips.\r\ni think now should be okay since i changed the dns server after calling escapeNet.\r\ntomorrow? main bolaaaaaa\r\n\r\nedit\r\njust now download 1 album from bt, reach until 114kB/s damn power!! hahaha\r\ndownload so much already in 1 day. really fully utilise. after upgrading the firmware for the router, everything is okay. good good. no more disconnecting problem for now. hopefully there wont be any in the future.


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