personal stuff and all

got this from friendster.\r\ncrap questions with crap answers. reminds me of the good food in m”sia though\r\n\r\n[Spell your first name backward]:\r\nmaysih damahom\r\n\r\n[The story behind your email add]:\r\nbleach manga. angel of death = shinigami\r\n\r\n[Where do you live]\r\nbukit alhambra, pinggir ttdi.\r\nbishops place\r\n\r\n[Wallet]:\r\n3 year old red colour quiksilver\r\n\r\n[Hair]:\r\ncenter parting, straight\r\n\r\n[Jewelry you wear daily]:\r\nim not gay\r\n\r\n[Pillow cover]:\r\nbrown, light brown, white, black stripes\r\n\r\n[Shoes] :\r\nasics onitsuka tiger, kswiss, nike\r\n\r\n[What you are wearing now]:\r\nnike red shirt\r\n\r\n[In my head]:\r\nshould i go to the city today?\r\n\r\n[Some of your favorite movies]:\r\nresident evil, bad boys 2, can”t remember anything else. i dont watch the same thing twice\r\n\r\n[Something you”re looking forward ??]\r\ngo back home, bring back car brochures. buy car\r\n\r\n[The last thing you ate?]\r\nspicy mee goreng made by nabil\r\n\r\n[Something that you are deathly afraid of?]:\r\n……..\r\n\r\n[Do you like candles]:\r\nhm,, not really, depends.\r\n\r\n[Do you believe in a thing called love]:\r\nya ya ya\r\n\r\n[Do you believe in soul mates]:\r\nwtf? dont give me this ridiculous question\r\n\r\n[Do you believe in love at first sight]:\r\ni wish that happen\r\n\r\n[If you could have any animal for a pet]:\r\ndunno\r\n\r\n[What are some of your favorite foods?]\r\nayam masak lemak, ketam, seafood, seafood, ayam masak kicap, tomyam, nasi lemak, roti canai, ketam masak lemak, ketam rebus, spicy ketam, spicy udang, telur bungkus\r\n\r\n[Anyone you miss that you haven”t seen in a\r\nlong time?]:\r\nmy parents and family\r\n\r\nLAST TIMES\r\n[Gotten sick:]\r\nmonths ago\r\n\r\n[Felt stupid:]\r\nfew days ago\r\n\r\n[Hugged someone]\r\ndunno\r\n\r\n[Talked to someone you have a crush on]:\r\ndunno\r\n\r\n[Fought with your parents:]\r\nthe more i grow up, the more i feel stupid thinking of quarreling with my parents. after all, without them, im nothing. i wont be here\r\n\r\n[Dreamed about someone you can”t be with:]\r\ndunno, dreams don”t last forever.\r\n\r\n[Do you like being around people:]\r\nnot really. sometimes i feel better staying alone\r\n\r\nwho do you known the longest:]\r\nparents, family\r\n\r\n[who do you argue the most with:]\r\nmy sister?\r\n\r\n[Who do you always get along with:]\r\ndunno


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