new songs to listen to and movie to watch

alot of good songs to listen to. Just downloaded Ashlee Simpsons, Sugababes, Cradle of Filth albums :)\r\nnot bad, not bad, especially Ashlee Simpsons. didn”t know that she”s Jessica Simpsons”s sister :P\r\nThey look different but Ashlee Simpsons”s voice/songs are much better than Jessica. \r\nJessica body cun, songs sux. Ashlee body not so cun, songs good.\r\n\r\nYesterday watched The Punisher movie. not that good, not that bad. so so. nothing special. the script sucks like hell. if dont have anything to watch, better watch suicide club. should be better than the punisher :P\r\n\r\ndidnt manage to watch suicide club until the end because too scared. hahaha. the first time i watch, at mid-night, doors closed, lights off, terkejut gile. not that any scary stuff keluar or anything, just the sound effect of the lights shut down suddenly in the movie. guess my speakers too good. hahahaha\r\n\r\nanother good thing happened yesterday :)\r\nArsenal won against M”boro 5 – 3 =D\r\nPires, Henry 2x, Bergkamp, Reyes \r\ngreat come back from 1-3 down w00tz. equalling nottingham forest for unbeaten run. another win against blackburn next week means Arsenal will be in the history book. \r\nhaha at man utd and chelsea and liverpool. all sux :P\r\n\r\n

Greatest runs in English football\r\nArsenal equalled Nottingham Forest”s record 42-game unbeaten league run by beating Middlesbrough 5-3 in their Barclays Premiership clash at Highbury.\r\n\r\nThe Gunners won their last two matches of the 2002-03 season before going through the last campaign unbeaten on the way to the title. They carried their form into the new season by thrashing Everton last Sunday.\r\n\r\nForest”s mark is now the only significant record left for Arsenal to pass. Here, the Press Association takes a look at the great top-flight runs they have already equalled or bettered.

\r\ni did not watch the game -_-


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