nissan pulsar test drive

test drive nissan pulsar hatch. it was manual. damn.\r\nit”s been 2 years since i last drive a manual car. y the heck did that guy bring a manual car. i want autooooooooo.\r\nok ok, so the car dealer take me and din for a cruise for awhile. after that we switched. my turn to drive the manual car. first start engine, tekan clutch, masuk gear 1, hand-break down, release clutch, press accelerator.\r\n…….damn\r\n\r\nengine mati…cis!!!\r\n2nd try…\r\n\r\ngood good,, pressed the accelerator hard, we go\r\nk k, change to 2nd gear ok,,,changed to 3 gear…, why didnt the gear masuk?\r\narghh!! pushed it upwards really hard..there, all good\r\ndidn”t feel comfortable driving a manual :P\r\nk, went to their showroom, changed to a nissan pulsar sedan auto..\r\nfeels better,, powerful 1.8 engine, smooth ride and everything..the car dealer seems really nice and friendly. well they have to be if they want to sell anything at all.\r\n\r\nso i called my dad about the car and the price. “tak kisah la, pilih mana yang hisyam suka, rasa okay”\r\nanything pun kena balik kl and show my dad the brochures and discuss about them all..\r\noh yeah, good thing about nissan pulsar,\r\nabs, airbags, air-conditioning, cd player, cruise control all come in standard :)\r\ncool uh


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