another record breaking game

so arsenal broke the record\r\nread the article, its g00d :)\r\ni like this one.\r\n

And just for the record here’s what our 43-match sequence looks like: w w w w w w d d w w w d w w w d d w d w w d w w w w w w w w w d w d w d d d w w w w w

\r\n\r\nbut noone seems to give a damn about it, why? coz it”s not man utd who”s breaking records. hahaha.\r\n\r\ndamn they beat blackburn 3-0. as usual henry will score in almost every game that arsenal won. another two were fabregas and reyes. who”s fabregas? he”s a 17 y”o guy midfielder replacing patrick viera!!! wtf man…he”s so damn good! from what i”ve read and heard ofcoz. I”ve not seen any of the arsenal matches\r\nsux man, the tv stations here arent showing any of EPL matches! damn!\r\nman i wish there”re videos of arsenal goals out there~~\r\nArsenal Champs League group\r\nPanathinaikos\r\nPSV Eindhoven\r\nRosenborg\r\n\r\nHm..arsenal didnt have a good record against Panathinaikos..they beat PSV last time..rosenborg? dunno.\r\n\r\nnewayz, today i played 3 hours of futsal, yesterday actually since its 1.20 a.m. sunday already.\r\ndamn my legs are tired. 3 hours and its kinda heaty. not bad, scored 3 and miss alot of chances. havent scored that much in a while 😛 , but i missed like around 10 chances. so that is still bad. nothing else happened there, just that when i became the goal keeper, the goals came in like water 😛 couldnt save the ball at all. hahaha. now my legs are starting to cram (sp?)\r\n\r\nso newayz, Arsenal vs Norwich..but Bentley couldnt play for Norwich tonight coz of the EPL ruling thinggy..arsenal cant lose uh? who knows


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