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Fullmetal Alchemist Movie

According to Sony Music Japan’s website, the Fullmetal Alchemist movie will be released in Japanese theaters the second half of Summer 2005. A Mainichi Shimbum report is saying that the movie takes place two years after the end of the TV series. The script will be written by Aikawa Shou, and the director will be Mizushima Seiji, who is also directing the TV series. A more detailed announcement will be available on July 12 in Shonen Hanhan. In other Full Metal Alchemist news, Japanese retailer Animate just put up a pre-order for a replica of Edward Elric’s automail arm. Sold out within a day, the arm measures 70cm from shoulder to fingertip. It will hit shelves on July 30, 2004 and will retail for 14,700 yen.

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phpGiggle-1.3.0 Released

A tool to automatically link key words and phrases in HTML documents. phpGiggle! phpGiggle locates user-defined keywords and phrases in an HTML document or string and subsequently replaces the keywords or phrases with anchor tags linking to user-defined URLs. As well, pre-defined ‘template’ anchor tags are included for,,,,, and others. With phpGiggle, anchor tags for an entire website can be contained in a single file, with links being dynamically generated when the HTML is displayed to vistor’s browser. This is particularly useful for sites with dynamically generated content, such as Blogs, News sites, etc. Content creators need-not worry about creating links when posting new content, as phpGiggle will auto link the keywords and phrases at runtime. phpGiggle performs dynamic anchor tag generation very quickly and with no noticeable impact to the browser, providing a pleasant user experience that includes plentiful links to additional content which the reader may find useful.

Hisyam dot Com

Hisyam.Com status UP on 9th September 2004 (9/9/2004)
Aoi-Hikari.Net status DEAD on 28th August 2004 (28/8/2004)
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something more beautiful

beautiful life, orange days, bus stop, kimi wa petto (you are my pet)\r\nthese are the j-dramas i”ve been watching the past few days.\r\nsomehow im into j-drama nowadays. no more watching animes.\r\n\r\ni”ve watched beautiful life before back in malaysia. it was 4 years ago if im not mistaken. at that time matrix dah released. and now im watching it again. i dont know why but i really like watching that drama. it somehow touched me in a way. yeah at that time, and perhaps now too.\r\nmaybe that”s the drama that touched me the first time?\r\nor because that the actor is so cool? the way he acts and talks, is so normal, and like blur blur. hm, notice that he pause everytime he wants to say something? yeah, abit like me. but thats cool.\r\nand the girl in the wheelchair is also sweet. cute face. cute haircut. fits her good.\r\n\r\nand bus stop. its funny. only watched 2 episodes but its really not that bad either.\r\nman, watching japanese drama gives me a different feeling. getting away from the whackiness of anime world :P\r\n\r\nIm starting to read sci-fi novels. something rare for me uh.. wahahaha\r\nsabriellirael