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October to November

Bored. So here’s my current desktop.
Alot of games.
– Gunbound
– Final Fantasy Xi
– Doom 3
– Frozen Throne
– Fifa 2005
– Tony Hawk Underground 2
– Counter Strike Source
– The Sims 2
– Ragnarok Online
– Maple Story
– Call of Duty Alliance Assault + United Offensive
– Raven Shield
– Tomb Raider
To tell you the truth, I only play 3 or 4 games from those titles. Haha, too much games. Can’t play all at once, right?
Another game in the list is Half Life 2. 16 November 2004.
my computer
Changed the visual them to look more like longhorn < – some codename for the next gen of window OS. Found a similar longhorn theme for Firefox but seems to be broken. I’ll just have to deal with the normal Firefox theme than.
Talking about Firefox, they’ve just released version 1.0 RC1. Nearer to the final version 1.0 after each month.
Another news is there’s the MSN Messenger version 7 new build for the public testers.

Top fixes in this version:
# Contact list spacing issues
# Right click “Get this emoticon” on a Premium, i.e. Blue Mountainร‚ยฎ emoticon will crash
# “Sent” vs. “Send” when sending a nudge to an older client.
# Pinned emoticons now shows 60/60.
# Crying face emoticon ๐Ÿ˜ฅ and disappointed emoticon now appear differently in the emoticon dropdown.
# Close and Minimize buttons are hidden only at the smallest width of the main window when in frameless mode.
# And many more.

Build 7.0.0332, using and loving it ๐Ÿ™‚
*still waiting for x800*
oh yeah forgot to say, added the rss thingie so if sikyi post a new entry, the sidebar will be updated as well.


x800 pro is mine!

one of the good thing staying here is, the water bills arent that expensive, some even offer it for free. We have to pay 70 bux a year for the water bills though, and you can use as much water you want. Guess what, I think we just did. The water flows non stop since yesterday night. It’s been one whole day now that the water just keep on flowing from the shower. Damn, but that makes it noisy.

Can’t sleep really well, me and nabil called the agent for them to call the plumber. I kinda waited for the whole day but they didn’t even bother calling or anything. What a waste of water supply. Don’t know when is this plumber gonna come and fix it. Feel kinda sad to see the water flow without any use.

On the other note, why the heck suddenly there were alot of people asking gmail invites from me yesterday? I had almost 10 invites and now most of them are gone. What a whack, some kind of spam techniques or what? I still have more invites to give away so no worries.

Oh yea, suprise suprise. I saw this x800 pro card yesterday, that time the price was so freaking cheap. around USD 330 or something. I gave it a thought. Can this be real? So I checked the seller’s feedback like I usually do. See what kinda stuff he sells. Everything looks okay. Emailed him some questions and he replied. So nothing suspicious there.

At first I thought of buying the card the fastest is when Half Life 2 comes out which will be on 16 Nov 2004 ๐Ÿ™‚ or after I come back from Malaysia which will be February or March 20005. I tried my luck and put my max bid USD 350 since the shipping is not that expensive. The retail price for this card is USD 400. In Australia, I checked the card cost the least AUD 760 and some can go as high as AUD 900. In KL, hm.. RM 1850. *insanely expensive*

After calculating my bid and the shipping price, the total is around AUD 500 !

I won the bid! woohooo!! x800 pro for AUD 500 !! In the end, I save rm400 or AUD 250. That’s the current price. I know next year the price will drop but what the heck. The card isn’t VIVO, can’t overclock it to XT PE, damn! Oh well, it is still cheaper than the current price so that’s still okay! right?! Maybe can overclock it a little, but if I do that, it means I need to buy a cooling fan? Artic Silencer Rev 4?! After I get x800, gonna sell 9600xt to anyone who wants it.

Next year wish list.

LCD ? dunno, don’t think I need one.

nike dunk low pro sb cali california supreme dunks <- damn this is 1 rare shoes damn expensive

About Me – Watashi no koto

Mohamad Hisyam bin Mohamad Saman\r\n01 June 1984\r\nHospital Pantai\r\nJalan Maarof, Bangsar\r\nBukit Al-Hambra, P. TTDI\r\nKensington, Adelaide\r\nTadika ABC, Sek Keb Bkt Bandaraya, Sek Men Bkt Bandaraya, Sri Bestari, Taylors

Marketing Presentation

Another bad week ends and a new Monday is here.

The only good thing I remember doing was presenting a practice marketing presentation to the class. Pretty good coz I did the work last minute *as usual* good thing I have help from Merlina’s past information on my assignment. The other groups had to present 2-3 sections of their assignment and I only had to do 1. Why? Coz Im no longer in a group damn it! My groupmates left me! Damn to the other 2 japanese girls good for nothing. Never rely on Japanese girls when it comes to studies, okay? I see that coming. So I did it alone and other groups gave me feedback, not bad. The only thing I lack is using the visual slides. I need them this Thursday for my final presentation.

Yesterday we went to Magil and played futsal. I cant remember the last time I play futsal, I guess even before I went bank back to KL, which is in September? Playing futsal during fasting hour, strong guy, managed to score only 1 goal when the keeper was missing and I was in the center court and shoot like roberto carlos except he’s a left legged and I used right. Most of the time I was being a keeper anyways.

Exam is coming but the people here are getting addicted playing CS:Source. Is it my fault that I introduced the game to them? Help them install the game? and teach them how to play? NOPE, nothing to do with me. Muahahaha. Is it my fault that I managed to KNIFE all of the Unit 4 ? *peace out*

Assignment + Game

felt abit okay and refreshing after taking a nap for 5 hours because I didn’t sleep since thursday. Didn’t know I could finish the report all by myself, and a little bit of help from counter strike, gunbound, final fantasy xi and coffee. Don’t know how my report will end up like. In the trash or in the safe.

Anyhow, fasting month is here and so is exam and summer and games. Congrats to my sis for having a baby boy 2 days ago (14/10/2004). The baby’s name is??

I need some motivation.

semester 2 = >_

E-mailed my marketing group members 2 days ago so we could meet up yesterday at the cafeteria but noone was there except me.

Damn group, why am I so unlucky this semester to have a group like this. Im in the same group as 2 other japanese girl and another girl frong hong kong. There’s another guy which is invinsible from …some where from the africa continent. I really really need to meet with them about the final project which is due soon.

Last semester group in comm and media was fun! but not this one! Damn I miss those comm and media guys…

somemore stats assignment, work and org 2500 words essay, bap portfolio…


bla stupid fxhost bla stupid netatom

last update on mainpage is 1st october which is bull because I had posted a few posts later after that. I think there were 2 posts gone which was about oRO and my flight back to KL. Ever since that, no more post. Why? The reason is because of stupid Fx-Host has merged/bought by NetAtom and they did not even notify about me at all! At first I couldn”t login to my cPanel and all that Invalid license page bullshit. After that the website is totally down for a week or more I think. I didn”t get any e-mails or news about this at all! No announcement made on FX-Host main page which is stupid! Even more stupid is NetAom didn”t do the same thing on their mainpage as well! Which is stupid^2. I couldn”t make the latest backup as I couldn”t access phpmyadmin to backup my database.\r\nFor more information regarding this stupid management refer to this page\r\nTotally frustrated. Lucky I got backup the website layout and some of the older database. Stupid host, how did they even manage to be one if they can”t keep track of their customers?! Stupid idiot baka! They didn”t even back up my files and all they give back was an empty space and nothing in it!\r\nAll my pictures and mods in this website need to be uploaded again and redone. That”s what Im tired of, doing the same shit over again.\r\n\r\nThat”s all about the stupid host, now I”ll rant about other stuff.\r\nI like to play games, especially online games. The first online game I played or I thought I first played it online was Counter Strike, .7 something beta I think, and after version 1 – 1.5 Im still playing it ๐Ÿ™‚ The latest CS which is CS : Source using Half Life 2 engine, called “Source”. Gotta say it”s really cool. The high points are the graphics and the physics in the game. Downside, still the same weapon, same map, same stuff. Well there are a few new maps but the best part is to see the water splashes in Aztec ๐Ÿ™‚ . Playing on AuS servers and hardly feel any lags. Pings always below 100 and fps while everything is set high is roughly around 40 with my 9600xt -_-\r\n\r\nI just bought Final Fantasy XI ๐Ÿ˜€ . All I gotta say is it r0xX0R y0uR b0xXoR!! It”s costly, I know but it”s the best MMORPG out there! Beat the hell outta RO!\r\nWant to post more but feel lazy after eating the stupid damn salty seafood pizza ~_~’,