Account Hacked?

I think my gunbound account got people hack. haihz. Just bought robot-x after selling the angel of death suit. Report to GB? I doubt they’ll give any shit. Created a new noob account and play boomer. wahahaha miss like shit also don’t care. Even my previous account is dead. The first one says that my password is invalid and another one is the id doesn’t exist? What to do.\r\n\r\nI’ve integrate the gallery with the website. First time trying to put it together with the website. Didn’t know it was easy to setup. Uploading the pictures is okay but downloading the pictures from another website that I uploaded before was a pain. Coz my connection now is 72kbps. Damn escapenet! Damn slow until become so tired of waiting.\r\n\r\nYesterday night spent the most of the time from 12 midnight until 4 morning marathon watching akademi fantasia 2. Nadia’s aunty brought them over here, so me, din and nadia watched together. I didn’t know the 2nd akademi fantasia was as fun as the first one. No wonder astro and maxis were able to make damn alot of profit. Zahid won yeah he is good but I like Farah 🙂 Damn, I just found out that the votes were so damn close! Farah could have won the 3rd place but how did Adam get the 3rd place instead? Both of ‘em got the same vote percentage?

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