Technically this is the second plugin for WordPress, but it’s the first that actually does something useful. 🙂 As background, the next version of WP and the current nightlies have a new plugin architecture that makes installing “hacks” as easy as dropping a file in a directory. These are so easy we’re not going to call them hacks, they’re called “plugins.” Anyway I’m so excited about this I packaged a plugin for everyone to try out the new system. Note you must be using a version of WordPress from 3-25-2004 or newer. WordPress Blogtimes — Download(2k) 1. Unzip 2. Upload blogtimes.php into your wp-content/plugins folder. 3. There must be a writable file in wp-images called blogtimes.png. There are a couple of ways to do this: * CHMOD your wp-images directory 766. * Upload an image, rename it blogtimes.png, CHMOD it 666. * Linux command line: touch blogtimes.png; chmod 666 blogtimes.png 4. Go to the plugins screen and “Activate” the blogtimes plugin. Now whenever you post it’ll regenerate the image automatically to reflect the latest times.

\r\n\r\nHm, let see if this thing really works on my page.\r\n\r\n-edit- nope, not working 👿 -2nd edit- eh, it works! yokatta~ :mrgreen:

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