Unbalance Life

I really need to adjust my sleeping habit. Damn, why o why! Its just that I can’t sleep early and wake up early. My life now is so damn unbalance. Don’t know what Im thinking of doing or whatever that I am going to do later. This Saturday, there’ll be a merdeka dinner at Rose Park House. I might be going. Big possibility. But noone else is going, so what the heck? What am I going to do there if I end up going to that place? The place is so damn near. 7 bus stops away from my house. 20 bux. If I don’t go there, what’ll I do? at home? nothing as usual. Damn, its going to be another week before I go back to Malaysia. Damn I hate semester 2 and I hate this weather. I know I have my self to blame but this weather is making me damn lazy! Maybe going out to the city with din and buy some baby shirts or toys, if Im not lazy! that is. 😦 Hm, Nadia is coming over later, maybe Ina too? Only heard from Nabil that Nadia’s coming but normally they come in pairs. Another thing I heard is that they’re going to some clubbing place this weekend. Not like I’ll go. Damn, the internet connection is slow like hell.


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