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Account Hacked?

I think my gunbound account got people hack. haihz. Just bought robot-x after selling the angel of death suit. Report to GB? I doubt they’ll give any shit. Created a new noob account and play boomer. wahahaha miss like shit also don’t care. Even my previous account is dead. The first one says that my password is invalid and another one is the id doesn’t exist? What to do.\r\n\r\nI’ve integrate the gallery with the website. First time trying to put it together with the website. Didn’t know it was easy to setup. Uploading the pictures is okay but downloading the pictures from another website that I uploaded before was a pain. Coz my connection now is 72kbps. Damn escapenet! Damn slow until become so tired of waiting.\r\n\r\nYesterday night spent the most of the time from 12 midnight until 4 morning marathon watching akademi fantasia 2. Nadia’s aunty brought them over here, so me, din and nadia watched together. I didn’t know the 2nd akademi fantasia was as fun as the first one. No wonder astro and maxis were able to make damn alot of profit. Zahid won yeah he is good but I like Farah 🙂 Damn, I just found out that the votes were so damn close! Farah could have won the 3rd place but how did Adam get the 3rd place instead? Both of ‘em got the same vote percentage?


Arsenal 3 – 0 Fulham : Unbeaten for 45 games!

Arsenal makes it number 45. They are they first team to win the first five premiership games. And its no wonder that every question is asking what it takes to beat a seemingly imprenable Arsenal fortress. Arsenal is the only team from the top three last year to win this weekend with Man Utd and Chelsea dropping points with a draw.

Just found out this new Arsenal news site. Should bookmark this and keep me updated by going there. Could use more pictures though. Where can I download Arsenal’s latest videos?!!
Read more HERE
Man Utd 2 Bolton 2
Chealsea 0 Villa 0
tsk tsk. Man Utd in NINTH position! LOL!


Technically this is the second plugin for WordPress, but it’s the first that actually does something useful. 🙂 As background, the next version of WP and the current nightlies have a new plugin architecture that makes installing “hacks” as easy as dropping a file in a directory. These are so easy we’re not going to call them hacks, they’re called “plugins.” Anyway I’m so excited about this I packaged a plugin for everyone to try out the new system. Note you must be using a version of WordPress from 3-25-2004 or newer. WordPress Blogtimes — Download(2k) 1. Unzip 2. Upload blogtimes.php into your wp-content/plugins folder. 3. There must be a writable file in wp-images called blogtimes.png. There are a couple of ways to do this: * CHMOD your wp-images directory 766. * Upload an image, rename it blogtimes.png, CHMOD it 666. * Linux command line: touch blogtimes.png; chmod 666 blogtimes.png 4. Go to the plugins screen and “Activate” the blogtimes plugin. Now whenever you post it’ll regenerate the image automatically to reflect the latest times.

\r\n\r\nHm, let see if this thing really works on my page.\r\n\r\n-edit- nope, not working 👿 -2nd edit- eh, it works! yokatta~ :mrgreen:

Unbalance Life

I really need to adjust my sleeping habit. Damn, why o why! Its just that I can’t sleep early and wake up early. My life now is so damn unbalance. Don’t know what Im thinking of doing or whatever that I am going to do later. This Saturday, there’ll be a merdeka dinner at Rose Park House. I might be going. Big possibility. But noone else is going, so what the heck? What am I going to do there if I end up going to that place? The place is so damn near. 7 bus stops away from my house. 20 bux. If I don’t go there, what’ll I do? at home? nothing as usual. Damn, its going to be another week before I go back to Malaysia. Damn I hate semester 2 and I hate this weather. I know I have my self to blame but this weather is making me damn lazy! Maybe going out to the city with din and buy some baby shirts or toys, if Im not lazy! that is. 😦 Hm, Nadia is coming over later, maybe Ina too? Only heard from Nabil that Nadia’s coming but normally they come in pairs. Another thing I heard is that they’re going to some clubbing place this weekend. Not like I’ll go. Damn, the internet connection is slow like hell.