Do NOT drink when you’re full

Happy Birthday to Kenneth and Eugene! Both of them are 20 now and Kenneth’s birthday was yesterday (6/11/2004) , Eugene’s birthday is tomorrow (8/11/2004) So we celebrated it today (7/11/2004) I know its 8/11 now but I don’t feel like it’s 8/11 😛

We went out and had steamboat for our dinner. I think this is gonna be the last time I’ll be able to eat as many as I did.

D A M N~! I almost vomit in the bus. I’m still having heacache from eating too much. Everything was going smooth but once I drank Coke, Im dead *almost* Gas drinks make your stomach go coo coo. Shoulda ordered another iced lemon tea. Haihz, damn that was it. after drinking coke, my whole body feels different.

I dont know how did nabil eat when he was drinking 2 cans of cokes. Gila,,,,,,

On the bus, all shaking and noise, almost demam, muahahaha

damn…too much of seafoods. Now I have greentea beside me, everything should be okay now, I hope.

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