Go back?

1st of Syawal = Aidilfitri = No more fasting = EXAM!\r\n\r\nToo bored to blog at first and decided to read my past entries. Kept on clicking the related posts and found a post which is approximately a year from today. This is when Aidilfitri started after I finished my exam but this year, I hafta suffer longer. \r\nI really really wish I could go back in time and enjoy the good old days. Primary, secondary school days, especially. Those days were the best, no shit. Juz hav to fact the reality where life is shit right now. Should really thought of this before I made my mind to study in adelaide rite?\r\nOn the brighter side,,,,,\r\nI dont know, oh yea Arsenal beat Tottenham 5-4. That”s that and I knifed keplar 3 times and yesterday”s dinner was nasi himpit, kuah kacang, kari ayam + bawang. heeeeeeeebat!

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