Gallery re-fixed

Re-fixed the gallery”s css and updated the version. There was a security hole in the previous version and the gallery”s css was kinda messed up. Fixed those and hopefully no more troubles. Also, updated wordpress to 1.3alpha5.\r\nIm still waiting for my Arctic Cooling 4 and AS5 for my x800 pro and Silent Tower. My comp just can”t stand this summer heat.\r\nMalaysia finally has its on e-bay. Most of the stuff in there are handphones, pre-paid cards. Haha, how typical. I might be joining and start selling ”real” stuff in that place.\r\nStill in discussion with the SA Wanderlands on what to sell. Can”t sell pirated stuff =/ \r\nNabil getting MGS 3, Kenneth getting Naruto 3 for his friend and he”s getting another game for himself and all these stuff have to go thru me coz I am their middle-ebay-man.\r\n-edit-\r\njust got my arctic cooling 4 and AS5, gonna put them all this evening.


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