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Penang Full Stop

Going to Penang later until this Sunday.
Not going to Nabil’s BBQ. Going to miss Kung Fu Hustle premier screening today.
Might also miss the Japanese language class.


Nokia 6670

With Netfront Web browser and PDF support the Nokia 6670 gives full business support and allows room for your own creativity. It also has document viewer applications for email attachments, a direct printing application and a megapixel still camera that shoots up to 10 minutes of video.\r\n\r\nThe Business Assitant is compatible with Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint and Word documents. The document viewer is pre-installed in the MultiMediaCard (MMC). F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus is available for the Nokia 6670 with updating possible over a HTTPS connection or by SMS message if critical.\r\n\r\nOther features include:\r\n\r\n- Tri-band coverage on up to five continents (GSM 900/1800/1900 or GSM 850/1800/1900 in the Americas)\r\n- Automatic switching between bands \r\n- Weight: 120 g\r\n- Dimensions: 108.6 x 53 x 20.9 mm, 98.5 cc\r\n- 65,536 colors\r\n- 176 x 208 pixel resolution\r\n- Graphical user interface with selectable themes\r\n- 5-way navigation key\r\n- Integrated Digital Megapixel Camera\r\n- Video Recorder\r\n- Real Player\r\n- Integrated Internet browser supports HTML, XHTML, and WML\r\n- Downloadable Javaâ„¢ MIDP 2.0 with API\r\n\r\n\r\nAnd many more…

\r\nBought this for rm1700. Some sample pics using High quality setting, pictures cropped to 50% of its original size to save some space.\r\nD''curve x''mas tree Saikano manga my laptop ProjectionTV

Comic Fiesta 2004

ComicFiesta ended their first part yesterday. Went there with Sikyi. Meet him up at Putra Kelana Jaya and stopped at Ampang Park and since there was no taxi that was willing to give us a ride to Balai Seni Lukis Negara, we like a bunch of idiots walked to KLCC and took a taxi there when we could”ve stopped by off the Putra LRT in the first place.\r\nThe traffic was horrific and we were charged rm15 to go there, really bastard that guy. Pretending to have a headache when he saw the traffic jam, heh, as if he hasnt experienced that kind of traffic before. What a faker. So rm2.4 gone and rm15 gone just to reach that stupid place.\r\nGotta say that the organizer of that place is so dumb when locating that kinda place at the center of KL, crazy people.\r\nStarted to rain when we arrived there. The feeling when I was there was really different. When I saw small kids dressed up like anime characters, make it short ”cosplay” -_-;; The MC was really irritating and noisy and couldn”t really make sense as what she was talking about, but out of no where I met Xiao Ying from AnimeMalaysia who tried to promote her booth and sell stuff. Obviously I didn”t buy from her booth but actually I didn”t buy anything there. They had ”guess the song” which all of the songs were taken by opening or ending anime themes. What does it have to do with Comic/Manga??? ComicFiesta from the name of it, you should expect to see only comic, manga, doujinshi, etc. I think Malaysians have this narrow minded thinking because when I went to CosMas, I saw the same thing, ComicFiesta the same thing. I dont see any significance between the two. Who”s the organizer? \r\nBut I must say the cosplayers are really talented. Don”t really know if they did all the sewing work or they bought them from somewhere, but still, to be wearing that kinda costume infront of otaku freaks is not easy. Standing beside an otaku freak is really creepy. Almost forgot, the prizes for the guess the song were gay posters. OMG!! They got sponsors from Utopia, Gempak, Starz and whatever and all they can offer were lame gay posters?!! Really cheapskate to the max. I know there were other big prizes, saw some trophies on the table but to give away posters in the first place is really shit!\r\nWhatever it is, I managed to take some photos, Yunas only, I wasn”t interested on other cosplayers, not to say that these Yunas are superb or anything.\r\n\r\nyuna posing yuna posing2 \r\nyunas posing comicfiesta stage\r\n\r\nActually after that we went to Kinokuniya and I had to borrow Sikyi”s money just to buy me Saikano manga volume 1 😀

and my luck continues

Can”t join Japanese language course because when I called the ICLS earlier today, they said the class has already started. How come? I went to that place last week, they said that the class is gonna start on the 15th. Are they racist or what? Dun wanna let Malay to join the class?Haha. \r\nLooks like have to wait until the end of the month to know if I can still join their next class. \r\nHave been really unlucky since stepping down here.

Dumb pad!

No wonder I couldn”t check my result online. It”s because I typed in AUD 6100 instead of AUD 6400 on my numpad when paying the fees online! Bah~!


Gender: Male \r\nStatus: Single\r\nAge: 20\r\nLocation: Australia\r\nZodiac Sign: Gemini\r\nHometown: Kuala Lumpur\r\nOccupation: Student\r\nCompanies: Infiral Hosting\r\nSchools (Other): Tadika ABC, SekKebBktBdRy, SekMenBktBdRy, SsB, TayLorS, UniSa, iCLs\r\nHobbies and Interests: Soccer, J-Pop, Animes, Incubus, Games, Manga, Gunbound, FFXI, Counter Strike\r\nFavorite Books: Ichigo 100%, Lilim Kiss, Naruto, Pretty Face, Anne Freaks, Hikaru no Go, GANTZ, Bleach, Azumanga Daioh, Kare Kano, Bleach\r\nFavorite Movies: Bad Boys II, School of Rock, Resident Evil, Lord of The Rings, Battle Royale, Troy\r\nFavorite Music: Maaya Sakamoto, Rie Tanaka, Yuri Yato, Yuki Kajiura, The Pillows, Fumiko Orikasa, Incubus, Delta Goodrem, The Rasmus, Muse, Crystal Kay\r\nFavorite TV Shows: Saikano, Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, Scrapped Princess, Last EXILE, Naruto, Full Metal Panic?Fumoffu, Gundam SEED, GANTZ, Chrno Crusade, Midori no Hibi, Elfen Lied\r\nNEEDS TO BE REDONE!!

How great

I can”t check my exam result because the uni system states that I have not payed another AUD 300 of their fees. On the contrary, I have an invoice from them stating that I have paid all of the tuition fees which I did.\r\n2) The Maybank ATM machine which didn”t accept my maybank card ate my BankSA VISA card.\r\n3) My n-gage handphone got stolen by a pick pocket in a monorail.\r\n4) Spend almost rm1.5K coz I bought for my mom a nokia 7260 and paide neptune rm200 for my a year + haro haro clock\r\n\r\nAll happen in one day. How great.\r\nWeather is so hot and humid, making my face oily again, have to use facial wash again.