recap of first week

It”s almost a week now that Im in KL. Still 3 more months to spend before going back to THAT place. Enjoy while you still can. So, I”ll summarize what I”ve done for the past week. My parents and brother picked me up at the KLIA and we stopped at R&R to eat. I had nasi lemak and satay.\r\nThe next day, can”t really remember but what I do remember is I went out to one utama with my bro, mum and sis and after that to Tesco and yesterday me and my brother went to ss15. \r\nLooking for this japanese course language centre. Found one. Might be joining there if everything else is okay. On the way back, I turned into the wrong junction and ended up at shah alam and sungai buloh. Haih wat a waste of time.\r\nNeways, yesterday makan pisang goreng and dinner at chillis bangsar with my sister.\r\n\r\nFound a funny site made by someone so that other people can post their guilt of not able to help the world coz for some reason Bush got reelected.


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