How great

I can”t check my exam result because the uni system states that I have not payed another AUD 300 of their fees. On the contrary, I have an invoice from them stating that I have paid all of the tuition fees which I did.\r\n2) The Maybank ATM machine which didn”t accept my maybank card ate my BankSA VISA card.\r\n3) My n-gage handphone got stolen by a pick pocket in a monorail.\r\n4) Spend almost rm1.5K coz I bought for my mom a nokia 7260 and paide neptune rm200 for my a year + haro haro clock\r\n\r\nAll happen in one day. How great.\r\nWeather is so hot and humid, making my face oily again, have to use facial wash again.


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