Nokia 6670

With Netfront Web browser and PDF support the Nokia 6670 gives full business support and allows room for your own creativity. It also has document viewer applications for email attachments, a direct printing application and a megapixel still camera that shoots up to 10 minutes of video.\r\n\r\nThe Business Assitant is compatible with Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint and Word documents. The document viewer is pre-installed in the MultiMediaCard (MMC). F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus is available for the Nokia 6670 with updating possible over a HTTPS connection or by SMS message if critical.\r\n\r\nOther features include:\r\n\r\n- Tri-band coverage on up to five continents (GSM 900/1800/1900 or GSM 850/1800/1900 in the Americas)\r\n- Automatic switching between bands \r\n- Weight: 120 g\r\n- Dimensions: 108.6 x 53 x 20.9 mm, 98.5 cc\r\n- 65,536 colors\r\n- 176 x 208 pixel resolution\r\n- Graphical user interface with selectable themes\r\n- 5-way navigation key\r\n- Integrated Digital Megapixel Camera\r\n- Video Recorder\r\n- Real Player\r\n- Integrated Internet browser supports HTML, XHTML, and WML\r\n- Downloadable Javaâ„¢ MIDP 2.0 with API\r\n\r\n\r\nAnd many more…

\r\nBought this for rm1700. Some sample pics using High quality setting, pictures cropped to 50% of its original size to save some space.\r\nD''curve x''mas tree Saikano manga my laptop ProjectionTV


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