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The problem with beggars

When they see a big house they will think everyone in that house has alot of money. You call that smart thinking. I can’t remember how many people came to this place since it was built. My parents are not always at home. So I’m the one who’ll always look at who’d press the bell. So yesterday I told them my parents aren’t at home and they tell me to derma. I asked them derma for who? I don’t really mine if they come with a big file with pictures and a receipt book of where my money will go to. If it’s a donation for a mosque or school I don’t mind at all but these people nowadays come to houses and mintak derma. Don’t you think it’s a nuisance? Orang tgh syok2 resting and eating mango pudding suddenly got people disturbing you.

Another thing happened was when me and my brother was eating at KFC and there were 2 guys and one of them was blind. Im eating KFC and my fingers are dirty and they came in KFC and ask for derma. What the heck?? Where is my privacy? Bengang! The most bengang thing is when I said ”tak nak” the guy kutuk kutuk me somemore. Gila bangang siut this peminta sedekah. No wonder they are beggars! Dah aku tak nak bagi duit tu aku punya pasal la, tu duit aku bukan duit ko!


almost All about my japanese class

Wah wah, ima ame ga futte imasu (at the time writing), really long time haven’t rain this heavy. so dark now.
tomorrow is my beginner 2 exam. the last exam i got 96 😀 but there’s this other girl had 99 (-_-) .actually i also can get 99 but stupid hiragana i forgot to write it properly cos i wrote really fast that time, haha and passed the paper also early but not as early as that girl who got 99 lar (-_-)
neee…really have to study for this beginner 2 exam. i still can’t remember all the katakana characters =/ since the everyday we don’t use it much as hiraga in the class hence my katakana writing sux like hell and funny.
beginner 1 was really easy but now going to end beginner 2 the particles become more and the word, sentence patterns are really complicated. i get really confuse at times. all the forms and groups, aih, have to memorize. the thing is, its not even kanji level yet (o_O)
ok continue where i stop yesterday. I just finished the beginner 2’s test, I got 126/130 ..w00tz!! highest in class 😛 hahaha. It was really tough, alot of particles especially and teh te form nai form past tense, negative past tense..aih anyway, I’ll be studying Intermediate 1 next week. Damn my life is like every day Japanese for 25 days. 2nd highest was Sandra (-_-) 3rd Kay-Hong….the other 2, hmm..gambatte kudasai!
Ok ok, actually there are alot of things I wanna say about this class, don’t know if I actually have the time to write all about it. I’ll try anyway.
First off, there is more than 1 teacher ofcourse, around 4 or more teachers? Enami sensei,Fujiwara sensei,Sakai sensei,Katsumata sensei,Takayama sensei. Wah, 5 senseis. Enami sensei is like our main teacher I think because she’s the one that always teaches us almost everyday. I miss Sakai-sensei (coz she’s pretty, alot of make up and from Tokyo i guess :P), only teaches us twice so far. All of them are around 31 years old,some have stayed here for 4 years! some only 1 year, hahaha. but Enami-sensei is really good although not so clear of what the explanation that she tried to give when we asked but the way Takayama sensei explains the particles can really make us see the difference between each particles and when to use 🙂
Now about the students, i mean other guys who are studying Japanese with me. For beginner 1, there were 8 people including me but after that beginning beginner 2, only 4 people continue and another new guy came to join us that makes only 5, 3 guys 2 girls. I think most of them stays in Subang, USJ or something, aih they all stay so near but I’m the one who always come early, I stay jauh gile than them some more, kena rintangi all the tolls and stupid MPSJ parking system that every morning sure can”t find parking near that area and always stuck in jam. MPSJ bodo, every morning can see people not double park, but triple park also got! Wasting my petrol and time and money only. In the end I decided to park near gazebo which is 10 minutes walking time from that place to ICLS, gila siut!!
Back to topic. about the guys, hm, i feel like i shouldn’t talk about them because they are nice people. i’ll just talk abit about them then. S is smart, she can even catch up with the studies even though she didn’t come 2 days in a row coz she was sick. Damn, if she wasn’t sick, for sure she’ll get full marks for the exam and beat me again, but fortunately not (^_^), another thing is she looks like Japanese (>_< ). N is the youngest among us, waiting for her spm result and her koibito (so sweet XD) . Not to say that she’s not smart but sometimes she tends to over excited, that’s a good thing, makes us laugh too., ”penyeri suasana” (a compliment) :P. SK is a really good guy, hahaha, really i mean really friendly and no problem when being with him also. His house is so near that he can even ride a bike to come to ICLS, damn not fair, memang jimat, no need to pay for petrol, parking fees , but still datang lambat sometimes (-_-;;) He’s kinda having this difficulty to pronounce some tongue (sp? lidah) twister Japanese words, kesian jugak aku tengok. I mean, just say it slowly and you’ll have no problem (atatakai – past tense = atatakakatta XD)
Another weird thing is about these 2 relative in beginner 1 last time. A mom and her daughter who is 14! so young but didn’t wanna take the beginner 1 test, what the heck? learning the beginner 1 for 1 week just like that, for fun. C’on beginner 1 can’t take you anywhere! And they say they’ll continue next year or something, gila gila and her daughter E is not studying at school (o_0) not taking spm but O level (<_<) yeah rite.
There was this other guy, HY also stopped after beginner 1 who also didn’t take the beginner 1 test but will be going to Japan for 1 year coz of this student exchange program. (>_< ) SooOo lucky!!!!! Why not me!!! Why didn’t my old school had this kinda programs?!!!! Even if they did, bukan nya aku tau pun LOL. Ok, ok anyway I just asked my sensei about the JPT (Japanese Proficiency Test) I think it is the official Japanese kinda test la kan? 4 levels all together, level 4 the lowest, 1 highest. Even level 4 the lowest is equivalent to Intermediate 2 or 3, and level 3 is Advance 3 or 4 (o_0) gila, so high man, need to learn kanji fast if not I can’t be my dream job “Japanese translator” hahahaha j/k. I still can’t remember some of the words that i’ve just recently learnt like tsukemasu, iremasu, suwarimasu or something.
The problem that I’m thinking is after I finish my intermediate 1 course, how am I gonna continue from there? I don’t wanna stop and continue next year, gila, I’ll sure forget most of it already by then. I know the Uni offers Japanese Advance 1 & 2 but have to pay so damn expensive for that course for what. Study in Australia sux kan.
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Hotmail, bias?

*250MB inbox available only in the 50 United States, District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. Eligible Hotmail users will first receive 25MB at sign-up. Please allow at least 30 days for activation of your 250MB storage to verify your e-mail account and help prevent abuse. Microsoft Corporation reserves the right to provide 250MB inbox to free Hotmail accounts at its discretion.

\r\n\r\nWhat the heck? For some reason, my hotmail account is upgraded to 250mb though but my msn email is still TWO MB. What can I store with only TWO MB ?

Friendster”s new face

friendster\r\n\r\nWow. Friendster has finally made some changes. Alot of changes since they are now not beta. The Friendster beta was horrible, sluggish, slow and ugly. The current friendster uses php and not asp like last time. Php + css :)\r\nFriendster loads really fast now, so no problem at all except the stupid notification bug that hasn”t been fixed for a long time, yeah look at the top right corner, I”ve read all my messages but it still shows as 2 new msgs and I have 1 new Testimonial”S” ? lols, grammar check 🙂 Looks really clean now.\r\n\r\nDoes anyone know how to use the friendster”s rss function? I hardly see anyone having that extra box.\r\nand another new feature they add is this “I am a Fan of..” what the heck?

Nihon go no kurasu

After a year of delaying, I finally started my Japanese intensive class at subang jaya on 29/12/2004. I’ve just finished my Beginner 1 course, took only 8 days but next Monday will be my exam. Hopefully I can get A. hahaha. The homeworks are killing me. Damn writing in hiragana is making me tired.
hiragana shukudai

What a way to end 2004

The world is currently in shocked, trauma, and devastated. South East Asia and some parts of the Africa continent were hit by the biggest trunami ever. Scaled at 8.9 richter, the tsunami which was on the 26th of December 2004 has killed more than 140,000 people so far and most of them are who died are at Acheh, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. Malaysia was really, really lucky not to suffer more as the earthquake which caused the tsunami had been ”cooled” down by the Sumatera island before it hit Malaysia (Penang, Kedah, Perak).\r\nWhat makes it shocking is because there was no early tsunami sensor/detector deployed in the sea. None from Indonesia, Malaysia, India and most of the countries of South East Asia. Who would”ve knew that this kind of situation would”ve happened. A normal earthquake will not cause a tsunami. Only earthquake scales at 7 or above will only cause tsunami and it is very rare that strong earthquake exist anymore especially today. Yes, they came without warning, and so many have suffered.\r\nI was really at the ”wtf” mode when I saw the picture of Acheh from top view at the newspaper before and after the tsunami. The WHOLE city is whipe out, vanish, vapourized. It is like being blown by a nuclear bomb or something. Never have I see this happen, anywhere in the world.\r\nThe country Maldives which is known for its beauty, clean island has been covered by water, 2/3 of the island is.\r\nVehicles, home, food, all destroyed just like that.\r\nWhat suprises me the most when I see the videos taken just before the tsunami hit, everyone was still standing there and pretending that everything was normal. People were still trying to get their boats and catch the fish, you think fishes are dumb to just lie dead infront of you or something?\r\nDidn”t you learn anything from school of the tv, when you see the sea is shallow than usual, the current pulls the water really really far away from the beach, it means trouble. Just like a rubberband or a slingshot, when you pull the force that will come back is sure greater. But really, no one ever expected that a tsunami is coming. Not when Malaysia has never experienced any sort of disaster except flood.\r\nIt”s a miracle that me and my family got out from Penang the day before the tsunami hit and went to Sg. Petani, Kedah. Even so, the impact is so strong, the whole Malaysia(most of) felt it.\r\nWe were just finished having our breakfast and went back to the hotel. For some reason, me and my brother didn”t go to our own room and just lepak and my parent”s room. Mom at toilet, brother watching tv and me lying on the couch, resting and trying to sleep again but never did.\r\nAll of the sudden the room was all shaking like mad, happened quite awhile. We were at the 8th floor and at that time I was still pretending nothing happened. Shaking from left to right, what the hell, kacau my sleep only really headache. We didn”t know it was an earthquake/tsunami until the next day! OMG!\r\nFeel really sad to those who have lost their family and friends during the incident. Donations are pouring in especially from Japan and USA but it”ll never be the same again.\r\nManaged to take a couple of pictures via my nokia in Penang.\r\nshould be clean now\r\nThe beach was so damn dirty, it should be ”clean” now :)\r\nyum\r\nHad breakfast at a shop near the beach 🙂