What a way to end 2004

The world is currently in shocked, trauma, and devastated. South East Asia and some parts of the Africa continent were hit by the biggest trunami ever. Scaled at 8.9 richter, the tsunami which was on the 26th of December 2004 has killed more than 140,000 people so far and most of them are who died are at Acheh, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. Malaysia was really, really lucky not to suffer more as the earthquake which caused the tsunami had been ”cooled” down by the Sumatera island before it hit Malaysia (Penang, Kedah, Perak).\r\nWhat makes it shocking is because there was no early tsunami sensor/detector deployed in the sea. None from Indonesia, Malaysia, India and most of the countries of South East Asia. Who would”ve knew that this kind of situation would”ve happened. A normal earthquake will not cause a tsunami. Only earthquake scales at 7 or above will only cause tsunami and it is very rare that strong earthquake exist anymore especially today. Yes, they came without warning, and so many have suffered.\r\nI was really at the ”wtf” mode when I saw the picture of Acheh from top view at the newspaper before and after the tsunami. The WHOLE city is whipe out, vanish, vapourized. It is like being blown by a nuclear bomb or something. Never have I see this happen, anywhere in the world.\r\nThe country Maldives which is known for its beauty, clean island has been covered by water, 2/3 of the island is.\r\nVehicles, home, food, all destroyed just like that.\r\nWhat suprises me the most when I see the videos taken just before the tsunami hit, everyone was still standing there and pretending that everything was normal. People were still trying to get their boats and catch the fish, you think fishes are dumb to just lie dead infront of you or something?\r\nDidn”t you learn anything from school of the tv, when you see the sea is shallow than usual, the current pulls the water really really far away from the beach, it means trouble. Just like a rubberband or a slingshot, when you pull the force that will come back is sure greater. But really, no one ever expected that a tsunami is coming. Not when Malaysia has never experienced any sort of disaster except flood.\r\nIt”s a miracle that me and my family got out from Penang the day before the tsunami hit and went to Sg. Petani, Kedah. Even so, the impact is so strong, the whole Malaysia(most of) felt it.\r\nWe were just finished having our breakfast and went back to the hotel. For some reason, me and my brother didn”t go to our own room and just lepak and my parent”s room. Mom at toilet, brother watching tv and me lying on the couch, resting and trying to sleep again but never did.\r\nAll of the sudden the room was all shaking like mad, happened quite awhile. We were at the 8th floor and at that time I was still pretending nothing happened. Shaking from left to right, what the hell, kacau my sleep only really headache. We didn”t know it was an earthquake/tsunami until the next day! OMG!\r\nFeel really sad to those who have lost their family and friends during the incident. Donations are pouring in especially from Japan and USA but it”ll never be the same again.\r\nManaged to take a couple of pictures via my nokia in Penang.\r\nshould be clean now\r\nThe beach was so damn dirty, it should be ”clean” now :)\r\nyum\r\nHad breakfast at a shop near the beach 🙂


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