Friendster”s new face

friendster\r\n\r\nWow. Friendster has finally made some changes. Alot of changes since they are now not beta. The Friendster beta was horrible, sluggish, slow and ugly. The current friendster uses php and not asp like last time. Php + css :)\r\nFriendster loads really fast now, so no problem at all except the stupid notification bug that hasn”t been fixed for a long time, yeah look at the top right corner, I”ve read all my messages but it still shows as 2 new msgs and I have 1 new Testimonial”S” ? lols, grammar check 🙂 Looks really clean now.\r\n\r\nDoes anyone know how to use the friendster”s rss function? I hardly see anyone having that extra box.\r\nand another new feature they add is this “I am a Fan of..” what the heck?


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