The problem with beggars

When they see a big house they will think everyone in that house has alot of money. You call that smart thinking. I can’t remember how many people came to this place since it was built. My parents are not always at home. So I’m the one who’ll always look at who’d press the bell. So yesterday I told them my parents aren’t at home and they tell me to derma. I asked them derma for who? I don’t really mine if they come with a big file with pictures and a receipt book of where my money will go to. If it’s a donation for a mosque or school I don’t mind at all but these people nowadays come to houses and mintak derma. Don’t you think it’s a nuisance? Orang tgh syok2 resting and eating mango pudding suddenly got people disturbing you.

Another thing happened was when me and my brother was eating at KFC and there were 2 guys and one of them was blind. Im eating KFC and my fingers are dirty and they came in KFC and ask for derma. What the heck?? Where is my privacy? Bengang! The most bengang thing is when I said ”tak nak” the guy kutuk kutuk me somemore. Gila bangang siut this peminta sedekah. No wonder they are beggars! Dah aku tak nak bagi duit tu aku punya pasal la, tu duit aku bukan duit ko!


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