Monthly Archives: February 2005

WordPress 1.5 is alive!!!

The best free open source blogging tool.

Official release statement

What”s new

Main highlight for this update are

  1. Templates and Site Customization
  2. Control Your Comments
  3. Everything In Moderation
  4. Conversation Registration

and much more that im too lazy to type since its 7 in the morning. For those who are not using WordPress, too bad~


memories thrown

so i was cleaning up my room, more like throwing out all the junks i had since i was form 4. i’ve never thrown any of my school notes or works ever since form 4 and all the papers 4 years ago were really damn alot. most of them were physics, it, and maths. looking at those stuff really reminded me of the days when i was still in sri bestari and taylors college. feels really strange when u look back at those times and the essays you wrote and the scores you got and reading what the teacher wrote about my progress and stuff, how wonderful.

still alot of junks but i dont know what else to throw. suddenly there’s this friend of mine invited me for a dinner tonight but i gave her an excuse coz i dont feel like going out tonight since it was so sudden and i still have to go out 2moro to times square to meet my ex icls mates.a guy refusing to go out with a girl for a dinner on valentine’s day. cool.

2 more weeks…

14 more days or 2 more weeks left before i head back to Adelaide.

If this was to be last year, I’d already be in Adelaide.

Spent too much on saturday. Went to One Utama with my mom to help me shop, hehe. bought 2 dockers, 1 ripcurl jeans, 1 dr. cardin shoes and 1 philips divx player. my rm1000 gone juz like that.