Just when I thought going back to Australia would change my life, I found out that the house was in a mess. Spider webs, unwanted plants grow at my backyard and TERMITES.

Stupid Australia with building the house with woods. My housemates already got back earlier than me but I was the one who called the pest control and have to basically do everything myself. Memang hopeless hahaha. Nabil doorknob rosak, expect me to tell them about them myself also? Why don’t he call them himself?? NTAH!
It was cold when I first arrived. Looking at the Australians at night wearing shorts and skirts, I thought “what the hell are they?, pigs? not cold meh? damn your fat is so thick” There are just so many reasons why I hate this place. I’m getting the hell out of here once I graduate or when I graduate?
But now it’s getting hot. what the heck? I don’t really understand this place’s weather. Just so crazy. Skin so dry now. Had to even put lotion on my face and hand or I’ll burn.
Now Im back to my place, I have to do my normal duty again. Becoming e-bay middle man -_-””
So much to do now; keeping track of the debtors, house matter, uni matter, game, life. Just no work yet. I have no working experience. Normally Asians don’t work yet and keep on studying after they get degree or something but the Australians like to search for a job when they’re still young around 15?16? like that. Guess they don’t get money from their parents uh or just don’t like to be with their parents. I just saw a news yesterday, there was this girl age 16 looking for a job for 18 months, crazy. When they get work, they complain they get low pay. Why don’t they just get to uni? They pay lesser than the internationals. Lazy lazy lazy. They like to have strikes and call them Industrial Action hahaha. Last time it was the buses and now it’s the trains, what next? taxi.
Other than that, I found out my pc always hang when these monkeys (housemates haha) come to my room and jump jump and do breakdancing. What to do my room so big, all the shaking made my x800 loose. No wonder always hang hang hang. Got really pissed off until I properly shut the agp slot, the card was loose -_-””
Now starting to play cs source again. Stop playing ROSE for awhile now coz waiting for SikYi to level up and catch me up so can party hahaha. Too bad Malaysia don’t have cs source =/ so sux. Have to put up a new design now. This layout is gonna make me puke sooner or later. Too much orange is bad for you haha.


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