Feedback on Comic Fiesta 2004

Haven’t been writing for sometime because I’ve been busy on ROSE but now I have the time because the internet line is screwed right now. Just after I got my hands on Guild Wars. Dayum…and I got all these comments from last year’s con.

In regards to this post

Wow, i didn’t know the organizers get so angry about this comment. I thought committee members should think what’s best and what’s not. Can’t take critics? You can’t go anywhere.
@kidchan – Yes i know it is not. But it could’ve been better.
@annoyed – Well, that’s why the organizers do. Getting a good place which is convenient to everybody. You must’ve known how the traffic it is like in the middle of the city. That Balai Seni place is good, it’s just the location is so f*cked up. I can complain and that is what this place is all about. Why should I find a place for you guys? I’m not a member of mcc or whatever. Comic Fiesta is just a name uh? OK they’re selling manga’s and wait, i know they’re selling doujins but mangas??? I doubt they even sell any tokyopop or viz mangas their in comicfest because if they did, I would’ve bought something. Why do u call it a comic fiesta if it has nothing to do with the name? why not sell pc stuff there too? or rambutan?ciku? yea, comicfiesta is just a name. The name specifies COMIC or anything like it.
@dude18 – “second ,xy is not from AM ,she used to but she is more toward mcc.”
what the heck are you trying to say? she is, she was, i still know her from AM so whatever.
“third since when any event detonate by it name ? pc fair must sell pc stuff only lah then what about magazine ? is it so disappointing to see an event got more than it offer ?
magazines hm…pc magazines, technology magazines more like it. so what’s the deal? they didn’t sell manga in pc fair did they? did they sell automotive magazines? sports magazines in there too? detonate – To explode or cause to explode. You mean denoted did you? Nvmind, i can still get what you mean.
It is devastating to see an event which is unorganized, unsystematic and unfocused. What is the focus of comicfiesta anyway? What do they emphasize on? What do they want to show actually to the ”crowd”? A little bit of everything? Anime, doujin, anime songs, gothic stuff. Wow, quiet spreaded there.
When I say narrow minded I mean by skeptical and when I say skeptical of Malaysians I mean of what I said before. Want me to give more example about names in event? Car Show, what do they focus on? Cars (and girls ofcourse) and anything related to cars. Oh yea, CosMas was after ComicFiesta isn’t it? I went to look around at that place too, some small hotel place and I was like totally lost. I did manage to take a peek of the cosplays. Small stage while the others sitting, without chairs on the ground, and we even have to pay to enter but can’t get any chair to sit on.
“fourth who is narrow minded now ,who only shoot yuna pic” – because I’m a guy, and yuna is a girl. because i am not a gay. why should i take pictures of guys? why should i take pictures of narutards? because the only cosplayers were characters from final fantasy and naruto.
@Heal – I don’t wanna argue much about sponsors since that’s the internal side of the area. However I’d like to comment a few things on. From the look of the stage there, there were what? 8 sponsors? The Comic Fiesta was sponsored, yay so we get free entrance. Ironically the organizers didn’t think of making a profit from this. I put my bet that the booth for the sellers there were free as well? Have you guys thought of having this event in a Uni? With huge lecture halls and stage. That would be perfect. Just my opinion. Oh yea, lame posters,they’re just pathetic.
“Hrm… I doubt that you have ever gone overseas? ” How can I answer this with a more obvious tone. Yes, and I don’t know the motive of that question.
Yes, I’ve been to another con than cosmas and comisfiesta which is why I grade them differently. AVCON, no, not adult video con. It’s Anime&Video con. See, the name can change one”s perception significantly. “A wants to go to that con because A is interest in Anime and Video/game.” \r\nCosMas – “A wants to go to cosmas because A is interest in cosplay because cosmas is cosplay malaysia” \r\nComicFiesta – “A wants to go to comicfiesta because A is interested in comic and not cosplays.”\r\nDo you guys study marketing? Do you know what market specialization is? Yes, stereotyping.
And again, all of my arguments is just to make cosmas/comicfiesta a better convention and not just “another convention” in Malaysia. Organizing is a difficult task, I know that. But when you make events such as this to the public, isn’t it just natural to get feedback s, critiques, dissatisfaction. You can’t expect everyone to be happy and I don’t think calling names or being rude to one of your guest is a good idea 😉
Hopefully your future con will be better and not another ”rojak” con.
thanks again for your ”comments” . If you have anything else to say just leave your comment.


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