Red Clouds – Under New Management

Yes. I have not update this blog for a long time for a reason.

First is because I got to get a new host since my account with previous has already expired. That’s one year gone. So this is the 2nd year for HisyamDotCom. I was too lazy to look for other hosting service and ended up with surpasshosting. I’ve heard about good and bad things about their services :-@ I don’t give a damn. Their lowest hosting plan is 2GB of webspace and 30GB of bandwidth ! :)>- What more can I ask for such a price. The best thing was, I got my account and ready to use after a few hours of me signing up with them. Fast uh B-)

Second is my website got totally reconstructed. =)) not really but just abit of make up touches. Still using the best blog application. Using a new design and lots of modification in it. No more orange days. Yea, orange days is dead. New design is called Red Clouds or Akai Kumo as stated in the title. I need to write more stuff about this in the about page.

Please be sure to sign up with gravatar!

Plugins that I’m using are as below

Spam Karma 2, WeatherIcon, CA-ColorPicker, Comment Quicktags, External Link Icons, FancyTooltips, Favatars, Get Recent Comments, Gravatars, Headline Images, More Smilies, PHP Exec, Smart Link, Spam Karma 2 Stats, Spelling Checker, Subscribe To Comments, Textile 1, Dunstan”s Time Since, Gallery2 Integration, WP Grins, IP 2 Country


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